Award Winning * Organic-Certified

Award Winning * Organic-Certified

Award Winning * Organic-Certified

Product Development

Product development driven by 8-years of retail experience


We source locally from British farms in season

Cold Press

We cold press to maintain vitamin and mineral integrity

Shelf Life

20+ day shelf lives, without heat pasteurising

Great Taste

Great Taste award winning juice


Driven by quality, we don't compromise or cut corners

Juice Examples

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Planet Organic
Selfridges & Co
Wholefoods Market

Why become
a stockist?

Having spent years as a retailer, we understand your expectations as well as the trials and tribulations of operating in a fast-paced retail environment.

We're a small, flexible and professional team. We can offer executive level support across all accounts, and for key accounts, marketing investment.

You will find our margins generous and retail price accessible.

We can 1 litre food service juice for you to pour on demand, or 250ml ready to drink formats.

We work with wholesaler or supply direct.

Onboarding is seamless and turnaround for first orders 36-hours

Full transparency across deliveries and invoices

We deliver up to 4 nights per week, order day 1, delivery day 2

The Original

Detox Water

250ml - The original

Rise-up Raw Juice

Cold Press Juice

1L - Rise-up raw juice

Charged Up

Cold Press Juice

250ml - Charged up

Cold pressed

Ginger Booster

Cold pressed


Functional Water

250ml - Recover-me lemonade

As Seen In

Seen In

VF London
Mr Porter
Evening Standard