Aimee Fuller: Movement is Medicine

STATE OF MIND – Episode 1 with Aimee Fuller 

In this first episode of STATE OF MIND I’m talking to Aimee Fuller, a professional snowboarder and the first woman to land a double backflip at the X Games, two time winner of the Dachstein Pleasure Jam, third at the Roxy Pro and last year she finished third in the world Tour Super Series Big Air, and then obviously, you know, she’s a two time Olympian…

Now some of that might sound a bit unrelatable to you, we can’t all be pro snowboarders after all, but Aimee is a down to earth and totally grounded person and in her downtime from snowboarding she spends a lot of time doing yoga and eating porridge and LOTS of vegetables. Aimee is very focused on her nutrition and one of the things we touch upon in this episode is the importance of nutrition in the sport. What’s interesting about snowboarding though is that it’s a relatively new sport and Aimee isn’t given any strict diet plan.

Although she has access to nutritionists and dieticians she stands by listening to her body and what it needs on a day to day basis; whether that be a carb-free bowl of greens and poached eggs before she rides or a big old bowl of porridge with blueberries and almond butter. There’s one thing that’s non-negotiable though, and that’s the coffee…

We joke that Aimee is a coffee addict, but in reality, she uses it as a tool to fuel her training. She’s not into energy drinks as they are full of sugar and additives (we hear ya!), and she tells us about the Olympics last year where the weather conditions were SO awful that you had no idea when exactly you’d be “dropping in” (snowboarding lingo for starting the competition), and how a little caffeine high was an easy and natural way to make sure she was always in that “go” mode. 

I think what Aimee’s followers don’t often see is her downtime side. I wanted to know how she comes down from such an adrenaline rush, especially when you’re in a situation where you have to stay in that cortisol/ adrenaline/fight or flight zone for hours on end. We all lead pretty stressful lives these days but this must just be something else. A combination of retreating to be by herself and some gentle yoga and stretching usually does the trick.

I always end the podcast with 3 questions, and these were Aimee’s answers:

What’s one thing in life you would do again if you could?

Aimee said she’d go to the hospital when she broke her coccyx because she didn’t go and they are definitely bent now!

What’s one thing you would change if you could?

Being able to take her family with her when she travels.

What does STATE OF MIND mean to you?

“tSate of mind means a solid, calm place that holds all of my thoughts and from which I can just jet forward from on all levels.”

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