CPRESS Founder Timothy Stevenson: Business, Obsession and Resisting Temptation

Episode 10 of STATE OF MIND with Timothy Stevenson


Well, we've reached the end of the series, I can't believe it! I thought it would be interesting to give our listeners some insight into the man that started this all, Tim!

Now, Tim is a very interesting guy and we talk in this episode a little bit about building the CPRESS brand and starting a company from the ground up and what that entails; for example Tim lets us know that he hasn't really exercised in over a year, that he receives hundreds of emails a day but that he still makes conscious and measured decisions every day about what he puts into his body. 

We discuss his blueberry muffin addiction when he still worked in private equity before he started CPRESS (his story-telling is on point and it's pretty funny!), and how adopting a dairy and gluten free approach to food really revolutionised his life and his health. 

Tim has a lot of insight into some pretty niche topics that I throw at him, and he even indulges us in that youtube favourite; What I Eat In A Day. 

This episode is the perfect way to round up our first series. I hope you've enjoyed it and I'll see you back here for the next one!  

As ever, Tim answered my 3 questions:

What's one thing in life you'd do again if you could?

I'd like to take my new wife to Iceland with me. I went on an amazing trip there and it's always nice to share those moments with the ones closest to you. 

What's one thing you'd change if you could?

Nothing......okay maybe I'd continue with my piano lessons when I was younger, rather than throwing in the towel. I think music brings so much happiness. 

What does STATE OF MIND mean to you?

Some Jedi Mind trick....

And that, folks, is all for now!

Grace x

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