Jade Joselyn: Balancing Health with Aesthetic Goals

STATE OF MIND – Episode two with Jade Joselyn

In this episode, I am talking to Jade Joselyn, fitness influencer and bikini body competitor. I think to put into perspective the type of lifestyle that Jade leads I need to explain what Bikini Competing is. Maybe I’m not the best person to explain this…but I’ll do my best! The goal is to stand on a stage in a bikini (go figure) and to be in the best possible physical shape imaginable.

We’re talking muscle definition, tone, overall shape and curves etc. There are many different categories and as Jade explains the one she competes in requires that you still have some feminine curves, although personally, I think that getting down to 10% body fat must surely mean that all curves are gone?!

This podcast episode is really interesting as Jade explains why she pushes herself so hard in the gym every day to achieve her aesthetic goals but still tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. As women, we need a bit of fat on our bones for our hormones to work properly and for our menstrual cycles to stay consistent, so I was keen to know from Jade how she puts bikini competing into the perspective with the grand scheme of life and wellness generally. It’s certainly an interesting contrast.

Even if you’re not a bikini competitor this podcast episode is SO valuable for anyone who has ever dealt with body confidence issues, difficult relationships surrounding food and for anyone that just wants to feel uplifted and inspired.

The mental toughness and the stamina that’s needed to push your body to its absolute limits is ultimately what this podcast is about and I think it’s so commendable in a way, even though I personally couldn’t give up the carbs!


As ever, I asked Jade the same three questions to finish with:


What’s one thing in life you would do again if you could?

“I’d actually love to go back and do my teenage years again and just love myself a bit more, treat my body well and just care a bit more.”


What’s one thing you would change if you could?

“I just wish I educated myself on nutrition sooner in life or that we were taught about it at school. When I look back to what I ate as a child and a teenager I had no idea how to make a smart choice about food.”


What does STATE OF MIND mean to you?

“I think it’s the choices we make every single day about how we want to live our lives, whether we choose positivity or negativity. You choose to be happy or sad, yes you might struggle with anxiety like me but you can still do so much to help yourself. So I think your state of mind is a choice.”

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