Rosie Fortescue: Learning to Care Less

STATE OF MIND – Episode three with Rose Fortescue

In this week’s episode I’m chatting to the lovely Rosie Fortescue. Rosie is a jewellery designer and runs her eponymous brand completely singlehandedly. She is the definition of a #grilboss. As I say at the beginning of this episode I really don’t know anyone that works as hard as Rosie. I think there is a huge misconception when it comes to Instagrammers that have a huge following like Rosie does. Why do we assume that it’s all so easy? Of course, it could be – a few big brand collaborations per month and you’re sweet right? I think what’s so admirable about what Rosie though is that everything she does is for the benefit of her brand. She spends all day dealing with customers, wrapping and posting the orders herself, designing new pieces, managing the production line and factory output, reviewing samples, going to trade shows…the list goes on.

Rosie came to fame on reality TV show Made in Chelsea and we talk quite extensively about how that affected her. She went into the show with a clear goal in mind – to use it as a platform to launch a career of her own; and this she has definitely done. Since then though the road hasn’t been easy. She talks a lot about the constant trolling she suffered whilst on the show and the anxiety that it gave her and how she’s learnt to just care less about it all so that she can get on with her life.

We also touch on health as Rosie has been through the absolute mill! She’s had two parasites, which have left her suffering with terrible bloating, gut issues and discomfort. Her diet is very restricted because of this and we talk about the difficulties of eating out, the perils of the gluten free bread basket and how it’s just not easy to wake up every day and think to yourself “what baggy jumper can I wear today because it’s not even 9am yet and I look 6 months pregnant.” Despite feeling fed up with the situation Rosie has an amazing perspective on her situation: “there are far worse things that can happen.”

 Rosie is pretty frank in this episode, I had to mark it as “explicit” on iTunes, but I love how honest she is and I hope you do too! As ever, I asked Rosie three questions to end with:

 What’s one thing in life you’d do again if you could?

“Go back to L.A. Actually I’m going to go back next year! I went and stayed with two friends this summer and I honestly felt the best I’ve ever felt when I was with them; mind set and health wise I was so happy.”

 What’s one thing you’d change you could?

I would change to be a little bit more free. I’m very “need to stay up late working, need to reply to all my emails. I just want to care a bit less sometimes.”

 What does STATE OF MIND mean to you?

“For me I guess it’s how I feel every morning, do I wake up and feel a bit low or do I wake up ready to go. And that’s how I sort of decide how my day will go. State of Mind doesn’t have to be constant; it can change and be in flux.”

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