Ryan Carter: Blue Light, Melatonin, Cold Water Therapy and Optimum Nutrition

Episode 9 of STATE OF MIND with Ryan Carter


Get ready to learn a LOT from this episode. Ryan, a.k.a the man behind the incredible Instagram account @livevitae, is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things nutrition, cold therapy, blue light, sleep cycles and mindset.

His view on health is so refreshing and I particularly love the part of this episode when we talk about how the most important source of data when it comes to your health isn't the latest evidence based study; it's you, your body, and how YOU feel. If something works for you, like drinking celery juice for example...then go on and do it! We also discuss one of my favourite subjects; cold water therapy and our circadian rhythm and how we can support this in a world that bombards us 24/7 with artificial blue light.

Ryan wears earth runners year round; leather sandals with a copper coil running through them to help ground him to the earth and allow him to feel balanced and connected to nature. You might be quick to classify this as ‘re-wilding’ or ‘grounding’ but Ryan is adamant that the way he lives his life is unique to him; he’s not posting on Instagram in a certain way because he thinks he should, he just doing it to add value to people’s lives and because he wants to. Just the same as the fact that he eats the way he does because it feels right for him and right for his body.

It’s all about tuning in to our own inner ecosystem. Like Ryan says: “you are your best doctor”. LiveVitae means live life, and that is what Ryan does in a way that's 100% unique to him.


As ever, I asked Ryan these three questions:

What’s one thing in life you’d do again if you could?

I'd go back to watch Chelsea win the Champion's league in Munich. I felt like I wasn't really present in the moment, so I'd like to go back and do that again and really appreciate it for what it was. 

What's one thing you'd change if you could?

I'd pay more attention at school, not be a pain in the ass and listen to what my parents and teachers said; and drop my attitude. 

What does STATE OF MIND mean to you?

It means what all my cells are telling my mind. So, what my body is telling me, how it feels, and this makes up my state of mind. 

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