Tallia Storm: Navigating The World Of Wellness

STATE OF MIND: Episode 5 with Tallia Storm

 Episode 5 brings us to our final episode before a 1 week Christmas break! I’m so happy with how the series is going and I hope you’re all enjoying it too! This week the wonderful Tallia Storm is popping into our earbuds.

Tallia is a singer with a strong R&B and soul style. She was discovered by Sir Elton John (!!!) at the age of 13 and he asked her to open his huge concert in Glasgow! The story of how this unfolded is quite something, and Tallia tells us this and more in this episode of the podcast.

She’s a self-funding artist and unless you’re a musician you won’t really appreciate how expensive it is to make an album; we talking thousands and thousands. Tallia explains how she used social media as her “job”, to fund her passion, which is her singing and performing. She talks openly about brand partnerships and needing to get those all-important collaborations so that she can pay her rent, make her music and keep up her public persona. Similarly to the episode with Rosie Fortescue, I think there’s such a misconception that once you make it to the celebrity status that lives just becomes incredibly easy; but it’s so obvious from these episodes that it’s simply not the case.

Tallia is also pretty frank about her nutrition and food struggles. She tells us how she just lacks the self-control at the moment to control her diet; managing to be so good throughout the day and then it all unravelling late at night. It can be so hard these days to navigate the wellness world without being lured into the latest trends, thinking that it must be good for you if everyone is doing it. We talk about this and more as Tallia recounts how it’s impossible to be good 100% of the time. One thing we touch on is the idea of calories and how actually it’s the nutrition that matters more than the calories.

And if that’s not enough we have a surprise for you at the end of the episode: we’re playing the episode out with Tallia’s brand new single: ‘World on a Slope,’ which is about everything we’ve been talking about on the podcast; millennial life, the struggles to maintain your mindset and stay positive, confidence and so much more.

Next week we’re taking a break as it’s Christmas, but we’ll be back with a brand new episode on the 2d January 2019! See you then!


Grace x


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