Tyrone Brennand: Fitness, Family Time & Tattoos

STATE OF MIND: Episode 4 with Tyrone Brennand


Episode 4! This season is certainly flying by and I’m super happy to tell you all about this week’s episode with Tyrone Brennand. Tyrone, or Ty as he is known, is a personal trainer, fitness influencer and Reebok ambassador who has risen to fame through a lot of hard work and dedication.

He started his business, Be The Fittest, with the help of a Prince’s Trust grant and took full advantage of all the business training that came with that. He then casually mentions that once he’d got his website up and running he called up one of his clients, David Gandy, (LOL), to do an interview for him for his website and from then on it was onwards and upwards for Ty.

Ty tells us how his fitness journey started with an obsession for martial arts and a desire to be just like Bruce Lee. From here he started doing press ups and ab exercises in his bedroom, trying to emulate the physiques of the people he saw in magazines. From then on it became a way of life for him and he tells us how initially he got it “all wrong.” He was consuming far too much protein a day and was really obsessed with the gym but not in a healthy way. His journey to where he is now really began when he went to his first yoga class, as it lead to his passion for yoga which makes up an important element of the Be The Fittest method. He tells us an amusing anecdote from one of his first yoga classes too!

One thing we touch on a lot is the work-life balance. Ty has a young family, and when we recorded this episode he was about to become a father for the third time. I asked him how he copes with training sometimes 10 clients in a day and waking up at the crack of dawn to do so, and still managing to factor in enough family time. He tells us about a time when one of his daughters described him as working too hard, “Daddy’s always working;” which saddened him and made him rethink how he was leading his life.

We also discuss what he eats in a day, his MANY tattoos and as ever I ask Ty my final three questions:


What’s one thing in life you’d do again if you could?

“Okay let me think…there’s a lot of things! I think it would be the time I spend holiday with my kids because I always look back at those times and I’m so happy.”

What’s one thing you would change if you could?

“It’s a tough one because I always say that whatever has happened to us has made us. But there have been some crazy, stupid mistakes I’ve made in my life and I guess it would be just replaying some of those moments that were unnecessary and making a different decision.”

What does STATE OF MIND mean to you?

For me it’s maintaining positivity regardless of the situation, good or bad, staying humble, making sure I’m looking to the future but staying as present as I can and not letting little things weigh me down.”



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