12 Healthy-ish Hours With CPRESS Creative Director Laura Fele

At CPRESS, we know that sometimes steps towards healthier habits can seem a little daunting, and sometimes the social media health aesthetic can feel totally out of reach!

Our ‘12 Healthy-ish Hours’ series is here to show how everybody’s health focuses and habits are different. We want to get to know our community better and help you discover stories, routines, recipes and CPRESS functional drinks that match with you. 

To kick-start this new project, today we feature Laura Fele, our Creative Director. She walks us through a day in her life, giving us a glimpse of her routine, with her go-to recipes and daily rituals – sharing where CPRESS fits in.




12 (and more) Hours with Laura 

Wake Up

6:30 am 

I wake up to the artificial sun shining on my face from my Lumie lamp. Not as good as the Sardinian sun, but it does the job. I struggle in winter with my Seasonal Affective Disorder and this lamp is godsent. I scroll on my phone from bed and check emails and messages that arrived during the night, terrible habit, I know. But I go to bed pretty early so usually the morning is the best time for me to catch up on this.

Sunshine on a bottle of Detox Water. Image credits Laura Fele

7:00 am 

I have a glass of water with my levothyroxine —I have hashimoto— and then rush to brush my teeth, do my morning skincare routine and shower before running to my pilates class (the gym is in my apartment building, how bougie I know, but if I had to commute, there won't be enough time...)   

8:30 am 

After class, I boil some water in the kettle, add fresh lemon and ginger to it and I sip it as I cook my breakfast. However, I always keep in my fridge a CPRESS Detox Water, so if I am in a rush I can just drink that after class. I take my daily Seed Synbiotic—a probiotic + prebiotic on empty stomach and get cooking. I always, always have a savory breakfast - it works wonders for me, keeping sugar levels at bay and giving me energy to focus on work during the day. I tend to get bored very easily so I almost never make the same thing twice in a row. This morning is Yalda's Shakshuka with a twist (I add some spinach to it). I usually make 2/3 eggs, I eat one only for breakfast and put the rest in a glass tupperware so that I can eat it up the next morning. After that, I have my vitamins: folic acid (I am in the process of freezing my eggs), iron (I struggle with anemia), vitamin c (because I recently had covid and I am finishing the box) and my favourite CPRESS Booster Shot: Turmeric Gold. I have a fridge stocked with them and drink one a day either after breakfast or after lunch, if I need an afternoon pick me up.

Seed and Green Therapy. Image credits Laura Fele 



9:30 am 

Showered and dressed, I get to work. My Marketing Manager makes fun of me for always wearing a cap on our virtual meetings (this morning is the one from sustainable activewear brand YANA) but camera-on-meetings don't always sync with my hair washing schedule and a girl's gotta do what's best for her hair wellbeing 💁🏻‍♀️ 

1:00 pm 

I try when possible to stick to a fixed lunch break. I love working from home because it allows me to develop and maintain healthy habits and cook my own food: I washed and set the rice in my rice cooker while working and it's now ready. I add some leftover grilled salmon from last night. I eat it with avocado, kimchi and nori seaweed because I am obsessed with that tiktok trend from Emily Mariko 🙈  

3:30 pm 

More work. I get a little break and get out of my apartment to do some of my fitbit steps, absorb some sun and get an iced matcha latte with almond milk. I tend to often make my own because I am always worried they will use an almond milk filled with sugar, emulsifiers and god knows what else. But today the sun is shining and ignorance is bliss 😌

More work. Image credits Laura Fele 

Wind down

6:00 pm 

Pretty much done with work for today I finally shut down my computer. However, I keep the laptop on in case of need for last minute edits. I get out and try to reach my 10k steps goal for today walking by the Thames near my apartment. I use the time to call my sister and reply to some voice notes in my girlfriends chat. 

7:00 pm 

Back home it's dinner time, I make a big batch of Alison Roman's famous chickpea stew so that I will have some left over for tomorrow. I love cooking, it works better than meditation for me as while I focus on the recipe's steps, I don't think about anything else.

My interpretation of Alison Roman Spiced Chickpea Stew. Image credits Laura Fele

9:00 pm 

Showered, glazed like a donut (if you know, you know) and after my evening skincare routine, I put on my light blocking glasses, I catch-up on the —very trashy 😂—  latest k-drama on Netflix and call it a night. Tomorrow's another day.


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This article was contributed by Laura Fele and edited for clarity by Jen Weston.

PS: "This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.”

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