2019: No New Clothes

2018 was the year that searches for Sustainble Fashion surged; 47% of us searched for “vegan leather” and “organic cotton” among other sustainable topics.[1] Sustainability is a topic close to our hearts at CPRESS; there is nothing our founder hates more than ocean plastic and we’ve made some significant changes in store to reflect this. Read our policy on sustainability here.

I’ve made the new year’s resolution this year that for the whole of 2019 (and hopefully beyond), I’m going to buy no new clothes. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of our planet; just one pair of jeans takes 7,000 litres of water to make which is enough to sustain a human being for 6 YEARS. Not only are the statistics relating to environment totally mind blowing, but the human cost of fast fashion is similarly as shocking. In 2013 the Rana Plaza building, a garment factory, in Bangledesh collapsed killing 1,334 people. Communities that live near similar factories have polluted water supplies due to factory outlets and this translates to growth defects, skin conditions and shortened life expectancies. I’m giving you just a few examples here, but the list is endless and totally heart breaking.

So I’m stepping up my game this year and making myself accountable. NO NEW CLOTHES. Here’s my list of my 5 favourite sustainable brands and favourite pre-loved designer websites. Lastly, if you’re at all interested in making some small changes yourself but need something to push you over the line, watch The True Cost on Netflix.

Vestiaire Collective: If you love fashion and beautiful things as much as I do then you’ll love Vestiaire. It sells a HUGE range of pre-loved designer clothes, often in pristine condition. The difference between Vestiaire and eBay is that it’s quality controlled. Sellers have to send their items into Vestiaire who then check them over to make sure that the description matches the condition, and that they are genuine. They also ask you to dry clean clothes before you send them as well.

Antibad: a curated marketplace that brings together sustainable and conscious brands under one roof. They also offer free carbon neutral delivery in the UK.

Veja: I’m a huge fan of Veja trainers. Not only have they become super fashionable in their own right, but they are also doing their bit for the environment as well. The soles are made from natural rubber, they have a vegan range and are also committed to having transparency throughout their whole production line, and they source their raw materials from organic suppliers and using ecological processes only.

Reformation: Their moto is “being naked is the most sustainable option, we’re number 2.” They track their environmental footprint by adding up the pounds of carbon dioxide emitted and gallons of water they use, and pounds of waste they generate. Then they calculate how their products help reduce these impacts compared with most clothes bought and they share this information on every product page on their website.

Everlane: These guys are pushing a philosophy that they call Radical Transparency. They partner with the best, ethical factories around the world and source only the finest materials so that the true cost of every garment is easy to understand.




[1] https://www.forbes.com/sites/oliviapinnock/2018/11/20/sustainable-fashion-searches-surged-in-2018/#11b1480e5fe7

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