5 Reusable Must-haves

We understand that it seems somewhat contradictory for a juice company that sells plastic bottles to be talking (again) about sustainability, but hear us out. We research DAILY about the cost of recycling single use plastic vs. glass and the information and studies out there are as diverse as people's opinions. There's a lot coming out about how recycling glass, because it's much heavier, is actually worse for the environment than recycling plastic...Whether this proves to be true or not we thought it would be good to talk about the things you can do which are "quick wins" in terms of being more eco-friendly. And, as ever, if you want to know more about our story, please have a read of our sustainability policy here


1. Coffee Cup


Everyone loves coffee; a morning coffee, a coffee break, an afternoon coffee to try and make it to the end of the working day or maybe even an on-the-go coffee during a weekend walk.  Have you got a reusable coffee cup? If not, it’s time you finally made the purchase. Not only do many places offer a discount when using a reusable cup (save 25p at CPRESS) but you’re obviously doing the environment a favour. Our coffee-loving nation is said to get through 7 million disposable coffee cups a day [1].  As you can imagine; not all of these are recycled. Guess what? WE HAVE KEEP CUPS. A CPRESS x Frank Green collaboration… BREWTIFUL! They’re insulated (keeping your liquid hot or cold for up to 10 hours) and they’re even spill-proof. Purchase in store. 


The future is here. If you didn’t think that Frank Green already made pretty cool cups then just wait until you hear this...Their SmartCups have a built-in chip so that you can pay with your coffee mug. Yep, that’s right; simply wave the Frank Green beauty over the contactless card machine and BAMN your coffee is paid for. You set up an account with Frank Green and top up your chip. It allows you to pay for up to $50 at a time so goodbye Apple Pay. This is currently only a feature available in Australia but let’s hope it comes to the UK soon!


2. Water Bottle


How many plastic bottles do we use a year in the UK? 13 BILLION [2]. Get yourself a bloody reusable bottle. Chilly’s bottles are everywhere and to be honest it’s not surprising why. Did you know that they can keep your water cool for up to 24 hours and your drinks hot for up to 12 hours? They’re also leak poof and BPA free. They have a crazy number of colours and designs so you can pick the perfect water bottle for you; whether it be all black or covered in whales thanks to Zanna Van Dijk’s collaboration (part of the profits from these even go to help conserve marine life).  


3. Reusable Cutlery


There are many places to get reusable cutlery from including trusty old Amazon. Having cutlery readily available in your bag is an easy way to stay away from single-use plastic cutlery. Bambuka is a new start-up that are all for zero-waste living. You can sign up to hear about when they go live and receive 20% off. Their reusable cutlery is made from bamboo. In their kits, not only do you get a fork, knife and spoon but you even get chopsticks, a metal straw and a little case to roll it all up in. Another handy item to go alongside your cutlery is a napkin alternative such as an old piece of cloth that you were planning on chucking out.



4. Tote Bag


We’re all guilty of forgetting to bring a bag out with us and struggling to carry all our stuff home or having to opt for the 5p plastic bag. Our CPRESS totes are made from 100% organic cotton, they’re reusable and are available for only £1. It’s as simple as that! Grab one, put it in your bag, then if you’re out and about and happen to grab some groceries you already have something to put them in.


5. Lunchbox


Having a food container to hand is super convenient; avoid takeaway containers and pop in any extra food you’ve accumulated when your eyes have been a little too big for your belly. Check our wearthlondon.com. They’ve have a wonderful selection of stainless steel lunch boxes that are lightweight, reusable and durable (along with a host of other zero waste accessories whilst you’re there). Wearth even sell zero-waste starter kits for all different areas such as bag essentials, oral care and loose-leaf tea kits!



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