6 Tips for a More Organised Year

Cut the “new year, new me” crap. Still be you, just a more organised version of you!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve have been and gone. We’re finally back to our normal schedules. If you feel like you've been thrown in at the deep end after a nice, relaxing break then here are a few little tips to make 2019 a successful one:


  1. Reflect. Obviously having an “attitude of gratitude” is fab. It’s great to focus on the positives to allow even more positive experiences and people to flow into your life. But, what would you change about 2018? This is a good place to start from if you’re wondering how you can better the next year of your life.


  1. Have a digital clear out. Get rid of those millions of icons on your desktop because that just screams disorganisation. Get on top of your emails. Organise them into folders so it’s easier to find stuff (there’s nothing worse than spending twenty minutes searching for one email amongst the thousands). All the iPhone users out there will have noticed the recent “screen time” feature which can be quite the slap in the face. Is social media causing you to procrastinate? Set limits on how long you can access certain apps and let the productivity flow.


  1. Clear out the house. Having an organised kitchen makes cooking a whole lot easier, especially when evening time is limited by long working hours. When it comes to the bedroom, if you’re struggling to pull that fluffy jumper out of your closet because it’s jam packed then it’s probably a sign that it’s time to get rid of some unused garments too. Sending old clothes off to local charity stores is a nice chance to recycle. Keep the essentials and try not to load up on new items of clothing that you don’t necessarily need.


  1. Budget. Keep track of your money by getting on board with a new, innovative bank. Monzo is a great one to start with. Their simple app breaks your expenses down into bills, eating out, groceries, transport, etc. If you have a holiday booked, say hello to 0% commission when using your card abroad... hallelujah! Each time you use your card, you’ll receive a notification of that transaction, along with another totalling your expenses for the day (so you know when to slow down on the sale shopping). You can even opt for the skimming trick – it will round all your transactions to the nearest pound. All the small change will pop into a savings pot… saving you money without you even realising!


  1. Fitness plans. Create a plan. This doesn’t have to be a crazy plan. We’re not saying to set yourself an unrealistic goal of running a marathon in a few weeks’ time. Perhaps you just want to work out a few times a week. There are so many fun group exercise classes around London that are super motivating (Frame, triyoga, Psycle, just to name a few).


  1. Food goals. Maybe one of your goals for the new year is to have an overall healthier lifestyle. If you know you’re going to have a super busy Wednesday then make double the dinner portion on Tuesday night so you’re prepped for the next day. It’s all about being organised! Many people even have a big cook-up at the weekend, whack them in the freezer and take them out as they go along. A fun breakfast prep idea that's not only famous on the gram but super easy and delicious in real life too is overnight oats.  


It’s the little changes that add up! We hope you all have a happy, healthy and wonderful new year!

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