7 Easy Ways To Get Back To Health Heaven

Carnival Come down? In a Festival Funk? Ending a month like August can be hard if you’ve over indulged, let your hair down, lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every second….and everything that that entails. All of a sudden it’s September, you’ve spent the month enjoying a few too many glasses of rose on a Greek island somewhere or partied hard in a soggy field then come back to London only to be swept up in the Notting Hill Carnival mayhem, a few Red Stripes and a cheeky take away later…

Jokes aside, with September fast approaching and our daylight hours swiftly disappearing it’s time to get your cleanse on so that you can not only detoxify after a mega month, but prepare your body for the season ahead.

Firstly, focus on plants. Vegetables are such powerhouses of nutrition and making sure that you fill your plate to the brim with a rainbow of food is a sure fire way to make sure you’re getting all those essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other goodies. If you can, or if you want to, try going plant based for a couple of days a week or have a few days where you reduce your consumption of animal products. We don’t preach one particular diet here at CPRESS but we do definitely agree that plants should make up most of our diet and if you’re eating really high quantities of animal protein then you could be applying excess pressure to your already tired out detoxification systems.

Don’t punish yourself for being bad. Sounds odd doesn’t it, but what we mean is that rather than going out and doing ALL the hit workouts and ALL the heavy lifting to make up for your sins, listen to your body instead. It’s tired and working overtime to detoxify so help it along its away by being kind to yourself. Focus on your nutrition, do lots of yoga, go for gentle jogs or long walks for a few days before you get back into the gym.

Sleep, a lot.

Eat lots of liver cleansing foods like beetroot, milk thistle and dandelion (nudge, nudge, our Liver Flush Booster contains all three), and try and gets lots of antioxidants in as well from blueberries, acai berries, leafy greens, vitamin C and E. If you really want to stir up the detoxification fire you can grab yourself a juice cleanse from our website.

Drink warm water with lemon as much as you can, and to mix things up throw some ginger in as well. Help flush toxins out with at LEAST 2 litres of liquids a day but feel free to drink more! S’all good! 

Lymphatic Drainage. This sounds like something out of the Frankenstein Chronicles doesn’t it? It’s actually not scary at all. Our lymph system is a collection of pathways connected by glands called lymph glands that carry toxins out of the body. You can help stimulate this process with dry brushing your skin along these pathways. Up your legs, across your abdomen – always towards the heart. Have a little google and buy yourself a natural body bristle brush for this, or, book yourself into a spa for a lymphatic drainage massage! 

Lastly, get some good bacteria in you. Chances are your food choices haven’t been the best and your gut will be ready for a serious dose of probiotics. And before you reach for the probiotic pills, the best way to get these is in the live form, in a fermented kefir drink. Our favourite out there is from Rhythm health – their most potent coconut Kefir, aptly termed the Life Shot, contains 200 billion beneficial bacteria, and when you typical probiotic pill has about 2 billion, that’s pretty darn impressive.

So, relax, listen to your body, feed it nourishing foods and let's welcome in the new season! 


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