Total toxic load

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Toxins are substances heavily embedded in our environment – tap water, city air, processed foods, stress – they all add up and create what is called a total toxic load for each and every one of us. While the exposure to most of these go beyond our control, there is quite a lot we can control with proper nutrition.


Any substance that hinders, slows or otherwise disrupts natural body processes is considered a toxin, or an antigen.

Where do toxins hide

Sadly, everywhere. Unless you live on a virgin island or a virgin mountain, miles away from the rest of the civilisation, chances are, you are being exposed to toxins one way or another.

+ cleaning and personal care products

+ heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) and petrochemicals

+ pesticides and fertilisers

+ food allergens, mold and residue, yeast, fungus

+ processed foods and alcohol

+ over the counter medication

+ stress

The list goes on, but you get the hint.

Get rid of toxins

The very first step is to limit the amount of toxins entering the body. The easiest place to start is switching from conventionally produced foods to organically grown. This will minimise the exposure to heavy metals, pesticides and fertilisers. There’s currently about 80,000 of these chemicals being used by the food industry, out of which only about 200 were tested for safety. In your house, swap bottled cleaning products for more natural options like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and essential oils. Different combinations of these are just as effective (if not more!) as their lab-produced counterparts.

Inevitably though, toxins will continue to find their way into our system through the environment. The next step we can take is to eliminate them. Our liver can do that for us. This hard working organ however does get tired and sluggish when overworked. The cocktail of toxins will stay in the body longer than we want to and our system can handle. As a result, we suffer from fatigue, muscle aches, sickness, joint pain, gas, bloating, headaches, fluid retention and puffiness to mention a few. To make liver’s job easier, there are ways to support the detoxification pathways:

+ Detox foods - organic cruciferous vegetables, herbs and spices and green tea

+ Detoxifying supplements - milk thistle, vitamin C and clean protein

+ Elimination of allergens, such as dairy and gluten and jump start the metabolism

+ Moving - physical activity helps the blood and lymphatic system do its’ job

+ Liquids - 8-10 glasses a day should not even be a question and it is not limited to clean water – organic cold pressed juice, soups and teas count as well!

With the right nutrition and attitude, there’s always a way to be your healthiest self!

Happy detoxing!

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