Activated Charcoal

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The colours of the health food industry are changing. Amongst the bright and colourful array of superfood powders on the counter of your local caffeine pit stop, matcha, beetroot powder, turmeric and all the rest, you may have noticed a dark shape is looming…

 Activated charcoal isn’t your typical sounding health food. Most of us use charcoal to feed a BBQ not fuel our bodies, it is after all, basically just coal. The activated charcoal that you might buy in your local health food store or order in your morning latte isn’t the same as a lump of coal though, because that really would be crazy. Nope, this stuff is made from your foodie’s favourite hero ingredient: the coconut.

 Coconut husks are burnt at high temperatures to remove all the oxygen and the resulting charcoal becomes "activated" when it combines with a gas or activating agent. What is produced is a highly absorbent material with millions of tiny pores that capture and bind to toxins in our bodies such as toxic heavy metals, chemicals and intestinal gasses. Put simply, it is extremely good at ‘mopping up’ anything unwanted in our gut - try it on a hangover, works wonders!

 Our black lemonade is an innovative take on the standard classic. We use fresh, organic lemon juice, filtered water, a touch of agave syrup and of course, activated charcoal. Not only does this refreshing lemonade look super sleek, it will also have you feeling amazing in no time. If a full on juice cleanse or rigorous elimination diet isn’t for you, why not introduce some Black Water into your daily ritual and easily reap the benefits? We don’t half make it easy for you!



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