Bulletproof ™ Coffee

CPRESS recently took over Canary Wharf shopping mall again and spent the day there sampling our drip coffee and functional lemonades, (if you missed out, we’ll be back on the 3rd May). One thing we learnt is that most people don’t know what drip coffee is (go figure, we’re the only place in Canary Wharf serving it), and even fewer had heard of Bulletproof, and frankly, this has got to change.

As ever, the CPRESS blog is here to give you the DL on what’s hot in nutrition, but most importantly why it’s hot. So, a bulletproof is a coffee (and at CPRESS we make it with our amazing drip coffee), that’s then blended with MCT oil. No milk, no fuss. Blending the coffee with the oil in a high-speed blender gives a rich, smooth and creamy brew that is SO delicious.

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which put simply, means fats of a medium size – not too big, not too small. Generally they come from coconut oil (finally, something we’ve heard of), and because of the specific length of the chain it means that MCTs don’t need bile salts to be digested and can pass directly from the digestive system to the blood stream. This makes them easier to digest and utilise than long chain fatty acids.

Because they are so easy to absorb and use, MCTs are often a good choice for those who struggle with digestive problems or fat absorption. They move passively via the hepatic portal system to the liver without the need for a longer digestive process. Unlike almost all other foods, MCTs do not require energy to be absorbed, stored or used in the body, making them an almost perfect source of natural energy.

That bulletproof coffee in the morning never sounded so appealing right?! Caffeine high and sustained energy release. Hello!

Thankfully the era of the low fat diet is OVER, and we all now know that we actually need healthy fats in our diets for optimum nutrition. Just a few of the other benefits of MCT oil, relating to fats in general, are:

  • Hormone regulation
  • Gut health, and by extension, mental health (more on the gut brain connection later)
  • Immune health

So make like La Roux and go Bulletproof. (and if you didn’t get that reference, one, sorry for you, and two, have a listen here).

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