CBD Implementation of Benefits


So far in our CBD series we’ve spoken about the benefits associated with CBD oil and why reducing stress, in general, is so unbelievably beneficial to our health. To briefly recap, CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant but it is made up of a different part of the plant that is non-psychoactive - so it is completely legal, and won’t get you high. It is, however, unregulated so when choosing a CBD oil you need to make sure you’re well researched and armed with the facts. It has been shown to be helpful in relieving pain, epilepsy, nausea, IBS, anxiety and inflammation - to name a few.

So how do you take CBD oil?

There are two main ways to administer CBD: orally or topically and it depends on what you’re using it for as to how you might choose to administer it. For arthritic or muscular pain, swelling or inflammation the logical thing to do would be to rub CBD oil into your skin. Usually the active component of CBD is mixed with a natural oil, such as olive oil, so that you can either ingest it safely or rub it on your skin. If you are looking to calm anxiety or decrease stress then administering  a CBD tincture under the tongue or taking CBD capsules would be the way to go.

There is a lot written about the benefits of CBD oil, but if you’re keen to give it a try - how do you know how much to take?


Because CBD is unregulated it means there is no official Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) or serving size. This means that consumers are estimating their dosages based on the brand’s guidelines, or from what they’ve heard from friends. Whilst we obviously can’t claim to be experts either, we spoke to Nutritional Therapist Grace Kingswell to get her advice, and here’s what she said:

When taking CBD you need to take into account:

  • The concentration of CBD in the product
  • The weight of the individual taking it
  • The severity of the issue being treated
  • The person’s constitution: i.e are they generally sensitive to medications / fluctuation in body homeostasis

In next week’s post we’ll be delving deeper into how you can measure these factors, so stay tuned!

When might you take it

For most of you reading this the most likely application of CBD will be for stress related anxiety, fatigue or sleeplessness - i.e. you’re a wellness warrior that often feels burnt out, jaded and in need of a good dose of relaxation. In our last post on CBD we discussed why stress has such a negative impact on our health generally, and the evidence is pretty confronting, so taking measures to actively reduce the stress we inflict on our body is a great idea.

That being said, perhaps upon coming home from work, before a nice long bath or post yoga stretch would be a good opportunity, or before bed if you’re a restless sleeper. One of our favourite uses is on a long haul flight, when you just need that extra help to switch off and get some sleep in very uncomfortable surroundings.

Stay tuned for some specific dosage info next week, and until then, pop into a CPRESS cafe near you and grab one of our CBD brownies!

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