COVID-19 Business update

To our valued customers,

During these difficult times we are closely monitoring and following the advice from Government, Public Health England & the World Health Organisation as regards the situation with COVID-19.  And our top priority at this time is the health and safety of our customers and staff.

Our Public Health Pledge

Our commitment to serving organic food and drink that supports public health and wellbeing, and which boosts immunity has never been so relevant. And we will continue to serve our customers through our retail and wholesale operations until otherwise instructed by Government.

During this critical time we have redefined our operations and supply chain and increased our focus on upholding the highest possible standards of environmental health and sanitation, in order to mitigate risks, protect our customers and staff, and manage what is an unprecedented demand for our products - especially our boosters - as health and organic becomes deeply embedded into the public consciousness.

Retail Operations and Delivery Services

Our Fitzrovia and Fulham Road branches will remain open, although these locations will operate as delivery hubs and for takeaway purposes only. With both locations offering a contact-free pickup option.

Please call in advance to make collection arrangements:

Chelsea - 285 Fulham Rd: 020 7352 7568 

Fitzrovia - 31 Berners Street: 020 3927 4306

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the temporary closure of our Triyoga Shoreditch retail site.  However, we are implementing new direct to consumer delivery routes to serve these postcodes from our Fitzrovia branch..

And we continue to work with Deliveroo where we are seeing a significant rise in demand for our range of products.

New Protocols

CPRESS is following all relevant guidelines and has implemented a number of new protocols -

  • We are giving our staff members the choice to work or stay at home. And we are supporting all team members in whatever choice they decide
  • All team members have been fully debriefed on the additional levels of personal hygiene, monitoring and controls that are required
  • We have increased our cleaning and sanitising efforts in store in all customer touch points such as doors, surfaces, card machines and toilets
  • We are supporting our team members to ensure they follow the latest government guidelines
  • We have implemented rigorous screening of all contractors and third parties visiting our DC and retail stores
  • We have produced a full hazard assessment of our supply chains to avoid any inbound contamination from high risk regions and implementing new supplier agreements in order to have the necessary backup options

Wellbeing Hacks*

At this critical time it is important to remain healthy an optimistic, and here are a some of the hacks team CPRESS is incorporating, which we can recommend to our community:

  • Follow a diet that is high in unprocessed whole foods
  • Complement your diet with foods that support a healthy immunity system
  • Stay hydrated with at least 2 litres of water each day, and punctuate the day with liquids: soups, juices and teas
  • Go to bed early and aim for at least 8-hours sleep. Sleep helps maintain a healthy immune system and optimises the body’s Circadian system
  • Take 30 minutes of exercise each day - physical activity stimulates the production of feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin
  • Breathe - find some pranayama exercises that work for you, especially long breaths to slow your heart rate and increase organic function
  • Incorporate a device detox/technology fast into your routine at least twice a day
  • Avoid stressful scenarios, including multiple visits to the news feed each day. And remain optimistic during this pandemic, remembering we are each contributing to this consensual reality.

We are very grateful for the support of our community.

Should you have any questions, or want to share your story with us please get in touch.

Stay safe and healthy!

Tim Stevenson





* The tips made in this blogpost do not provide medical advice, or treatment, and are not meant to replace professional medical advice.

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