Hash Brownies



Those eagle-eyed of you may have noticed our snazzy new RAW CHOCOLATE BROWNIE that we launched a couple of weeks ago. We are very excited about it because not only is it delicious and indulgent but it’s also full of functional ingredients, our fave. 

So the ingredient list for this heavenly treat is as follows:





Raw Cacao Powder

Almond Butter

CBD oil.


Everything makes total sense until CBD oil, are we right? The abbreviation stands for Cannabidiol Oil, and it comes from yep, you guessed it, the Cannabis plant.

Marijuana brownies?!

Kinda, but not really. CBD is the major NON-psychoactive component of Cannabis Sativa; so it comes from the Cannabis plant, but has no narcotic effects. It does, however, have some pretty cool health benefits.


  • Relieves pain and inflammation.
  • Reduces anxiety and has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • Relieves nausea.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health.

CBD has been the focus of more than 23,000 published studies relating to the above uses, so next time you’re in CPRESS for a caffeine fix or organic juice, treat yo self to a choccy brownie and see how you feel.

Let us know, we love the feedback!








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