How to get High, Naturally.

Following on with our August festival theme (last week’s post on Detox Before You Retox is right here, go on, have a read), this week we’re talking about natural highs. Maybe you’re of the “going to Glasto but my body is a temple” ilk, or maybe you’re just interested to know how to get that post-bevvy-buzz without the inevitable next day hangover? We’ve tried and tested some of these ourselves, read on…

Super Green Booster on an empty stomach.

CPRESS founder, Tim, swears by this one! The powerful blend of greens with their high levels of vitamins and minerals in our Super Green can help to facilitate ATP synthesis (energy production) in our cells. Full of a variety of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins C and K, Beta Carotene, B vitamins and Folate; these nutrients can support bone and heart health, as well as immune function and metabolism. B vitamins in particular are needed to power our Krebs Cycle, which is the way in which our body breaks down our food to release energy; every turn of the cycle requires new B vitamins, which aren’t stored long term in our body so making sure that you start your day with a healthy dose of these is a good way to kick-start your system into drive time.

Eat Carbohydrates

There’s a reason we all love carbs and yet, there’s so much carb shaming around. Consuming a carbohydrate heavy meal increases our intake of the amino acid tryptophan, as it is abundant in carbohydrate foods. Tryptophan is the precursor for serotonin, and we all know what more serotonin means right? More of that happy, up-beat feeling. So when you’re refuelling at a festival choose carbs. You’re welcome.


Have you ever tried making yourself laugh? Grab a friend, plonk yourself down in front of your tent and just start laughing. It will feel forced at first but the fact that you are bizarrely just laughing for no reason at all will soon become a reason for a really good chuckle. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins which make us feel good, happy and high on life. It also helps to decrease stress hormones and promote good immune function.


Runners High is something we've all heard of but it's really true. Get a good cardio burn on in the morning, or just dance really hard to your favourite band, and you'll be all dosed up on those Es...endorphins, that is. 


We’ll just leave this one here.


The Chinese wonder root! Ginseng has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and to fight fatigue and boost energy levels. One study experimented by giving Panax Ginseng or a placebo to 90 people with chronic fatigue. Those given Panax Ginseng experienced less physical and mental fatigue, as well as reductions in oxidative stress, than those taking the placebo[1]. You can easily buy herbal teas with ginseng which you can brew up in the morning and sip throughout the day.

Cold water

Usually we write these blog posts in the third person, however, cold water therapy is something that this writer feels very passionately about so as a break from tradition, I’m going to write this part in the first person. Cold water is my jam. I struggle with fatigues issues myself and as a consequence I don’t drink caffeine as it wreaks havoc with my cortisol levels and blood sugar which consequently has my energy going all over the shop throughout the day. So, to get my morning fix of adrenaline on a really bad day I start my morning in a very cold paddling pool of water in my garden here in London. Yep, really! It is honestly amazing! To put this in a bit more perspective, have a read about The Ice Man; Wim Hoff, who is travelling the world educating people on how breathing techniques controlling our Parasympathetic nervous system can enable us to withstand incredibly low temperatures. Have a read here for some more info.



Hooray! Something we can really get on board with here. Chocolate makes you happy in a similar way to carbohydrates by increasing serotonin production in the brain. You know what to pack in your festival bag now, loads of good quality dark chocolate. Again, you're welcome. 


Eat well

Sound obvious? A huge piece of cake will make you happy while you’re eating it – we can’t deny this. Cake is delicious. But that huge sugar crash you’ll inevitably feel a short while afterwards can bring on feeling of depression and tiredness, and no one wants to feel like that at a festival. So make good food choices and you’ll not only feel virtuous and in control, but you’ll maintain your energy levels throughout the day and this will maximise your enjoyment.


Have a great time out there!





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