How To Survive 2022 Winter Blues? 7 Tips For Dealing With Blue January

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January is often seen as a month of sadness and depression. The holidays are over, the weather is cold and bleak, and it's just generally a dreary time of year.

But have you ever wondered why January is given the unfortunate title of "Blue" January? Why not February or March, if winter was truly depressing? Why January of all months?

Well, it's true that the festive season is over and the winter months are long and hard sometimes, but you don't have to succumb to the gloomy weather or let it ruin your month. In fact, if you make a few small changes in your routine, January can be YOUR month. Make this month about YOU and how you want to feel from now on.

In this blog post, we're sharing 7 simple tips that we hope will help you beat "Blue January" and turn it into your month. But first, let's learn a little more about this month's unfortunate history.

Blue January: The sad story behind the month of depression

Most depressing day or Commercial PR stunt?

The concept of calling January "Blue" originates from a commercial PR campaign launched back in 2005 by a Sky Travel Holiday Company. The release claimed to have found a mathematical formula to calculate the date taking into account weather conditions, debt repayments, time since Christmas, and a general feeling of wellbeing, that would be the "most depressing day".

The campaign (which was later revealed as a PR stunt) actually aimed at promoting their holiday offers for this month, but people started associating January with depression and sadness. And it looks like they've managed to make everyone believe in the myth because now January hears the name "Blue" not only in Great Britain but all over the world.

People began using Blue January as an excuse for their unhappiness instead of challenging themselves to try something new. Instead of realizing they can be happy even when things aren't perfect or trying to change their perspective on life, they'd much rather complain about the weather outside their window… And so, here we are today: stuck with a stereotype that Blue January isn't just sad - it's actually THE month of sadness.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with wanting to cheer yourself up if you're feeling down. In fact, you should! But let's not use propaganda and marketing tactics to make people feel bad or guilty for being themselves in a certain month.

The truth is, January is just another month, with its ups and downs. And this year, you're taking the power back!

Why not take this month as an opportunity to make a change and start doing things for yourself? Make it about self-improvement, self-worth, and high self-esteem. The following are 7 must-start ideas on how to do just that.

NB: People experiencing depression may feel bluer during this time of year. If someone close to you has been diagnosed with depression or another mental illness, they might be going through a difficult time. Check on them, a text message might go a long way!

7 ways to beat 2022 winter Blues

1. Set SMALL goals for yourself

Do you start every new year with a long list of all the things you want to achieve this year?

But somehow, come March/April, you find yourself in a slump of self-pity because most of your resolutions are already broken and you're back at square one.

Instead of going full throttle from the very beginning, set small goals for yourself that have deadlines. That way, it will be easier to track your progress and feel better about yourself along the way.

2. Make sure to add some ME time into your plans

We get it: sometimes life gets too busy and there's no time for anything else but work and family obligations. But if you really want to stay motivated throughout this "Blue January", don't forget about taking some "ME" time.

Sure, you may say that you don't have the time to go to your favorite spa or meditate - but if it's really something you want to do, make an effort and find the time!

3. Reward yourself for a job well done!

It's great to set goals and work towards achieving them, but don't forget to have fun along the way!

If completing your goal or reaching your objective makes you feel good about yourself, then there's no harm in rewarding yourself. Just make sure it isn't too materialistic - remember that self-worth comes from within. It can be something as simple as inviting friends over for dinner, taking a weekend trip with family, renting some new movies, or even treating yourself to some new clothes. Find something you enjoy doing and go out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

4. Help others!

Following on our previous tip - if giving back brings you happiness, why not help others as well?

There are so many ways to do this! You can donate some of your old clothes, throw a fundraising event for a charity organization, or even volunteer at your local soup kitchen. If you're as busy as everyone else and don't have too much time on your hands, then why not just dedicate 10 minutes of your day to doing something that will make you feel great about yourself and bring joy to those around you?

5. Plan ahead

The first step towards achieving any goal is planning and setting it into action - and there's no better way to start than with January! Why not plan out what you want to achieve this year (yes, we know February is closer) but also make plans for February, March, and so on?

If you fail to plan, then you're planning to fail - so why not stay organized this year instead of getting stressed out all the time?

6. Stay positive and surround yourself with positive people.

Like they say, misery loves company. If you start seeing the world in all kinds of negative lights, you'll most likely drag everybody else down with you! Sure, it's okay to be sad sometimes - but don't immerse yourself in that sadness for too long, or it will leave its mark on your life forever.

No matter what comes your way this February or any other month for that matter, always remember that there are people in this world who have it worse than you do. Reminding yourself every now and then will help keep negativity at bay and keep your spirits high! So no more moping around with a box of tissues, got it? Good!

Lastly, add a positive Blue to your day!

Sure, there's no Santa Claus and holiday cheer is over for another year but there are ways to focus on making the new year one that brings out your inner self-love. 

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