ICYMI: We have a new packaging! 😍

Building a brand in 2019 is tough. Not only do you have to stand out against the myriad other companies all being equally as quirky and different, you also have to be sustainably minded and mindful of your impact on the planet. Our founder Timothy Stevenson, worked closely with Creative Director of Guadalupe, Laura Fele, to solidify CPRESS's brand identity, creative vision and storytelling whilst incorporating a new, sustainability-focussed approach to our business model. Our aim was to be at the forefront of conscious consumerism and that required technical innovation and a design-led packaging redesign. 

Not-so-small changes, like plastic bottles becoming glass by the end of 2020, planted the seed for bigger changes that have positively impacted the customer experience and the planet. At CPRESS we wanted to find a way not only to unify the brand experience for a customer eating avocado on toast in store with a customer ordering it for delivery, but mostly we wanted to make our take-away packaging more eco-friendly. 

Our previous packaging for take away toasts was made of two pieces: a cardboard tray and a plastic lid that would allow us both to see what kind of toast was inside and prevent the toppings to get smashed. That solution wasn't really eco-friendly though and it was also very bulky to store. 

This project required some careful design research and, what began as a simple #sustainableswap, culminated in a minimal design solution: An origami style flat-pack box.

Art Direction & Styling Laura Fele / Photography Jagoda Wisniewska


This solution saves space in store and doubles up as a plate for when you don’t want to spill your smashed avo 🥑 on your work outfit. 

At the same time, the new design delivers the same branded customer journey to both ‘online’ and ‘offline’ customers and maintains the same ironic tone of voice the brand's instagram page is known for: movie memes and organic food. In fact, when you open it, you’ll know that “It’s Toasted!”

Screenshot from Mad Men / Pilot  Episode "Smoke Gets in your Eyes"

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