Introducing Fairtrasa

New Supplier Agreement

As part of our sustainability directives we are pleased to announce the onboarding of a new supplier, who is turning marginalised farmers in emerging and development markets, into certified organic agro-entrepreneurs.

Fairtrasa is a global social enterprise that pioneers sustainable agriculture and empowers smallholder farmers to lift themselves out of poverty. They are one of the largest organic and Fairtrade exporters from Latin America, delivering quality produce to every country in Europe.

As a social enterprise Fartrasa brings small farmers into the global food supply chain, by providing training, pre-financing and logistical support, that enables farmers to produce crops that meet export standards.

When smallholder farmers produce more nutritious food, using environmentally sustainable methods and earning a fair income from their crop to reinvest into their communities, the world moves closer to meeting its sustainable development goals.

CPRESS is proud to announce this new supply agreement as part of our own sustainability directives.

For more information on Fartasa’s sustainability model, please visit:



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