Introducing Ty by Tyrone Brennand

September was a kind of a new year and a new start for a lot of us. New school year, getting back to work, and daily routine can leave many overwhelmed and stressed. We thought this would be a great time to launch our latest smoothie: “Be the fittest”. For the first time we decided to invite one of our favorite personal trainers, Tyrone “Ty” Brennand,  to collaborate on a product. The result has been overwhelming, and after just a couple weeks this smoothie has already graduated to a best seller

Be the fittest” smoothie is versatile and perfect as a light meal replacement, pre and post workout recovery fuel, or simply a snack that is just the right amount of sweet. Packing 15g of plant based protein and high vitamin C to boost your immunity it is a nutritional powerhouse for any occasion. 

Ingredients: Oat milk, Banana, Pittaya (aka Dragon fruit, which gives it that bright colour!), Blueberries, Almond butter, Pea protein, Baobab (rich in vitamin C) & Vanilla.

Tyrone “Ty” Brennand, Chelsea’s own personal trainer, entrepreneur, fitness retreat facilitator, and inspirational speaker shared his views about the importance of commitment, consistency and gratitude to achieve your personal peak for physical and mental health. With nearly 70+ thousand followers on Instagram alone, Ty has been changing people’s relationships with exercise for almost two decades. His great passion is to break the stigma associated with workouts being difficult or something that is time consuming and stressful.

We wanted to get to know him better so we sat down for an informal conversation, while sipping on his smoothie, of course :) 

Ty, what are you focusing on right now?

It’s business as usual for me, training with clients, and building back up from covid. I decided to take that time to focus on the goals I had set last year. I saw the pandemic as a blessing for a much needed time out. I was able to create an exclusive online hub Workout with Ty. I will also be launching my first book soon where I tell my personal story and the one of how I built my business. It will also include over 150 exercises and a 3 month workout program and over 60 recipes with the diet plan. And of course the CPRESS smoothie is in there too! My family stays my priority through all this. With three little kids, it’s a handful to juggle. 


How do you think covid changed people and the way they look at workout?

A lot of people, when they think of a workout, they automatically think of going to the gym, not realising they can workout anywhere and anytime using their own body. This inspired me to create a lot of exercises that are based solely on using the body, be it HIIT, strength training or yoga. As long as there’s focus, there will be a great workout as a result.

And another important thing is not only the physical aspect of it, but the mental health that follows. I think staying active really helped people to get through the pandemic. It is no longer about looking good in a bikini. The focus has shifted towards overall health and wellbeing. 


What is your routine right now and what would you suggest is the easiest way to incorporate workout into our already busy lives?

I have a client who is a primary school teacher. She has over a 100 children under her wings and she was very concerned about going back to work. I explained that I understand she’s going to be very busy, but there’s really no point to just work work work if she’ll become tired to the point she won’t be able to even move. It’s only 30 minutes out of the 24 hours. If people would look at their phones and check the app usage, I’m sure they’d find that they’ve been on IG for a lot more than 30mins. Repurposing that time and using it on what’s really important is the key. Even if it’s only 2-3 times a week, you CAN find that time. 


There’s a lot of talk about finding your purpose in different areas of life. How does this apply to fitness, or does it at all?

Ask yourself what are your goals, why are you doing this? Sometimes, people overcomplicate and overthink things. They try to do too much at once and fail. It is important to bring people back to basic and ask why they started exercising in the first place. I also remind people they shouldn’t become too obsessed with the workouts. When people become obsessed they will have a bad workout and stress out as a result. It takes all the fun out of the exercise. The key here is to be consistent. You remove the ego and do as well as you can every time. We’re not trying to be olympic athletes here.


You also do a lot of different types of exercises. Why do you think that’s important? 

If you keep on doing the same thing over and over, eventually you’ll plateau. You’ll stop seeing the benefits and lose the motivation. I try to have a full circle of mixture of my own body strength work, cardiovascular and flexibility work, etc. Switching things up minimises the risk of boredom and loss of determination. 


You mentioned your book will also have recipes. What do you suggest to people who are new to healthy eating and want to adopt new habits to improve their wellbeing.

When I was younger, my diet was completely out of balance. I started talking to doctors and nutritionists who helped me to understand the basics. I don’t like to measure things down to grams. But I love to suggest for people to use their hands as a measuring tool. Have one fist of protein, two fists of vegetables and the right fibers. I would also look at the lifestyle. If someone works at a job that requires a lot of thinking and mental energy, they will need to support their bodies with foods that promote brain health and help them keep their performance at an optimal level. 


What’s your take on different types of diets, such as keto, vegan, paleo?

Always remember that everyone is different and what works for you might not work for others. With the diets that are restrictive, you might become too obsessed and that’s how people develop eating disorders. This is especially important for women because their hormones are easily thrown out of balance, which can be damaging to their health. 


You’ve created a smoothie for CPRESS that’s been a hit on the shelves. What was your goal when putting the ingredients together?

I wanted to make something different, not just another post workout drink but one that would be a 360 smoothie solution. You can have anytime of the day to keep you going. A smoothie that packs the right balance of protein and antioxidants, that's less sweet than mainstream alternatives but sweet enough to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. I also wanted this smoothie to help keep your immunity strong by adding natural sources of vitamin C. Lastly I wanted to exclusively source organic and plant based ingredients - if you are optimising for health this is a non negotiable. I think we nailed it! 

IngredientsOat milk, Banana, Pittaya (aka Dragon fruit, which gives it that bright colour!), Blueberries, Almond butter, Pea protein, Baobab (rich in vitamin C) & Vanilla.


One of the interesting ingredients is baobab. Is that one of your favorite superfoods?

Baobab has an incredible amount of nutrients and vitamins - particularly vitamin C which a crucial to maintain a strong immunity system. I’m all about finding the right ingredient that promotes functionality but it must also complement the taste of the smoothie - not the other way round. 


You’re a frequent visitor at CPRESS. What’s your favorite product?

Obviously the Ty Smoothie! But I also love the green juices and boosters. They are incredibly important. Whenever I need a boost, whether it’s for energy, immune system or to kill a sore throat, there’s always something there to the rescue.


Do you drink coffee?

I stopped for a while, but now after a year and a half I’m back to it.


Why did you stop?

I was getting a bit addicted to it. I was drinking so much of it, I stopped feeling the effects of caffeine. It’s all under control now and I’m again enjoying even the health benefits of coffee. And of course, CPRESS is my place to go for high quality organic coffee. 


Last question. What would be the one advice you’d give people for the rest of the year?

A lot of people have an aim, a goal or a reason why they want to become healthier. None of us knew we were gonna go through something like covid. Be grateful for having those goals and the opportunity to achieve them. Do one thing every single day that will bring positive change to your life. Don’t worry about what everyone else says or thinks. Do it because you want to do it. We don’t know what’s around the corner, so make a change and be grateful while doing it. 


Thank you, Ty for all the insightful information and inspiration. Where can people find out more about your work?

With pleasure! Readers can find me on instagram: @bethefittest and on my website or sipping a smoothie at CPRESS :)


Interview + words put together by Miriam Gubovich

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