January: It’s all about mindset

So many of us dread January because we feel obligated to make changes, be better people, set new goals, be more balanced, eat better, drink less, exercise more, give up chocolate, give up fun… and the list goes on.

But what if that just isn’t realistic for you? January can be just as overwhelming as December but for different reasons. Gone are the late nights, pre-Christmas deadlines and festive tipples, and instead enters this barrage of wellness chat which makes you feel inferior in every way. Personally, ‘resolutions’ have never sat very well with me and I always felt silly making them. Then the fact that friends and colleagues would always ask me what they were would lead to me feeling like I had to say something and so you end up going for the inevitable cliché of “drink more water and get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night.” 

Well, I’m boycotting resolutions in the typical sense this year and focussing on mindset. I’m also not going to be setting myself any unrealistic goals because a sure fire way to feeling depressed in January is if you’re floundering under the weight of your ambition and not achieving anything.

Here are some things I definitely WILL be doing.

  1. Focussing on nutrient dense foods

Yep, I bang on about this a LOT but it’s honestly so important. Instead of denying yourself things in January, make an effort to eat more. More colourful plants, more phytochemicals, more antioxidants and more variety. If your days are full of opportunities to optimise your nutrition by making savvy food choices then you’ll feel less deprived and more liberated to enjoy your eating experience.

  1. Spending more time outdoors

Excluding the Christmas Day obligatory walk, the festive period can get all rather sedentary. There’s a lot of good TV on, a lot of boxes of chocolate lying around and this sense of “I deserve a rest so here I shall stay.” Well, you do deserve a rest and make sure you get one. However, getting out into nature can really lift the spirits and stave off anxiety and depression; read more about that here. So one of the main things I like to do in January, be it cold and often dark, is make sure I have time in the mornings to get even just 10 minutes outside, taking some deep breaths and gearing myself up for the day.


  1. Working on my mindset

You have the power to change any situation around just by thinking about it differently. It’s so easy to say but incredibly hard to do but, if you can master it then January will be a walk in the park. Don’t think yourself into a negative hole. You are fit enough, you are healthy enough and you are in control, or, you are making that change, the progress will happen and you trust yourself that you’ll get there. You’ll be so surprised how much more vigour you have for life and how much more easily you manage to achieve your goals when you start to think positively about them.


Here’s to a positive and upbeat January! Grace x

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