Juicing vs. Blending

This is probably one of the most common questions we get and the issue here isn’t really which is better, but rather, how they differ.

Both juicing and blending have their individual benefits. The difference is in what they supply the body with and how they do it. Juicing takes a large amount of fruit and vegetables and puts them through a two-ton juice press to extract the juice, leaving the fibrous parts behind, and by large amount we mean usually over 1kg of fruit and vegetables pressed into a half litre bottle. Cold pressed juice is a fast and effective supply of the vitamin and minerals contained in such an amount of produce in an easily digestible form.

Blending, on the other hand, keeps all the fibre in tact, keeping hunger at bay for longer. However, the nutrient content will be different as with blending you can only use as much fruit and vegetables as you would be able to eat, whereas juicing packs in far greater amounts of vitamins and minerals into the same volume. With blending though you do have the option of adding a plant-based protein powder like hemp into a smoothie, which makes for quite a hearty meal and gives the digestive system a nice break.

Knowing the difference between juicing and blending can help you make informed decisions about your nutritional requirements and help you reach your health and lifestyle goals. We only use 100% organic fruit and vegetables so that there are no further stresses or toxins weighing you down.

Our juice cleanses are a great way to hit the refresh button and vary from a 1 day cleanse to a 5 day cleanse and you can order them here. Otherwise, pop into one of our stores and pick up a juice or protein packed smoothie for that vital burst of nutrients.




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