3 Fitness studios you NEED to try!

We’re a few weeks into January and keeping up with our new health goals can be tough work. For many of us, it’s difficult to set the alarm, drag ourselves to the gym and get motivated to follow a set of exercises we found on some fitness model’s Instagram. If you haven’t tried group exercise classes then they may just save you. Exercising as a group is a great motivational boost. Plus, there’s no slacking when you’ve got a super energetic fitness instructor to give out the orders. Or perhaps you’re the yoga type and need the help of a totally chill instructor to help get your #zen on. Maybe you’re not sure where to find classes. Do not worry, we’ve luckily come across some awesome companies that offer exercise classes that bring something a little different to your gym time and hey, you may even make some new friends whilst you’re there…  


Move Your Frame

 Move Your Frame Dance Cardio Exercise Class

Move Your Frame have literally got it all covered. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to sweat out those toxins with a quick HIIT session or if you’re a mum-to-be who is looking for some reformer pilates. With class names like “Ass and Abs”, “80’s Aerobics” and “Bend it Like Barbie”; Move Your Frame are far from boring. When booking classes online, you can even search according to the “mood” of the class which varies from “Moody AF” to “Killing It”. You can simply pay as you go or sign up for a monthly membership. In January or “JanYAY” as Frame call it, you can get a bunch of their classes for only £10. So, if you love variety in your workouts then Frame may be your fix.



  • Fitzrovia (you'll also find CPRESS there too!)
  • Shoreditch
  • Queens Park
  • Victoria
  • King’s Cross
  • Hammersmith
  • Farringdon





 triyoga yoga pilates stretching exercise studio

Perhaps things like HIIT aren’t for you. Are you a yoga lover? You won’t quite believe the variation of yoga classes that triyoga has to offer. There’s hot yoga, ashtanga yoga, yin yoga, kid yoga, iyengar yoga, you freakin’ name it. Their classes even vary in level. So, it doesn’t matter if yoga is something you’re just getting into or if you’re a pro who needs a challenge. Yoga is a great way to improve your mood. With breathing exercises and meditation, you can begin to focus your mind and lower your stress levels – a great practice of mindfulness, as well as improving overall posture, strength and muscle tone (trust us when we say that some of those yoga poses will make you tremble and sweat… it’s tough!)



  • Chelsea (find one of our CPRESS stores here)
  • Shoreditch (oh, we’re here too!)
  • Camden
  • Ealing
  • Soho





 Psycle London exercise bike studio class

It says it in the name really; Psycle offer energetic cycle classes, designed to clear your mind, that the telegraph referred to as “going clubbing on a bike”. Their website gives a great intro to each instructors’ interests so that you can book a ride that suits you (whether it be EDM, carnival vibes or R&B). Spinning is a fantastic way to burn some serious calories in a short amount of time (a bonus if you’re still trying to shift all of the Christmas choc). Don’t have a pair of cleated shoes? No worries because Psycle have many to use for FREE. Now, you may just think they have fancy spin studios but that’s not all that Psycle has to offer. Barre, strength and yoga are even available at their studios which is why they’re another one of our fave versatile workout spaces.



  • Mortimer Street
  • Canary Wharf
  • Shoreditch
  • Clapham





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