Nationwide Delivery Now Live!

introducing Nationwide Delivery!!

Stop the press! CPRESS has gone global! Okay, not quite global but certainly outside of our London stomping ground. You can now purchase our cult lemonades and functional boosters Nationwide via our online store on our website. 

Weekend hangover? 6 pack of Black Lemonades coming your way. 

Need to boost your brain power? Order our 6 pack of Smart Lemonades straight to your door. 

Training hard at the gym? Get a 6 pack of Recover-me Lemonades for your #PWO rehydration. 

You can also shop our organic boosters: Turmeric Plus, Hot Citrus, Green Grenade, Apple Ginger and Turmeric Gold. 

We’ve wanted to bring CPRESS to more parts of the country for a while now and the demand from customers outside of London desperate to try our organic lemonades and juices has been high. We wanted to make sure we got it right though, and finally, we’re happy to say that our range of lemonades and our functional boosters are ready to go!

Both the lemonades and the boosters come in packs of 6 and have a shelf life of 30 days which is why we’re now able to ship them across the country. In order for us to expend the shelf life of this small range of our products, the lemonades and the boosters have been through a process called HPP, which just stands for High-Pressure Processing. There are various ways to extend the shelf life of a juice, and commonly juices are heated to prolong them which kills off all the beneficial nutrients and enzymes contained in the juice. High-Pressure Processing only uses pressure, not heat, to extend the shelf life of the product - so you don’t have to worry about the end product is devoid of nutrients, because it most certainly is not! 

We are very passionate about health and wellness at CPRESS and we always want our customers to feel nourished, vital and energetic after consuming our products. So let’s get into some of the key functional ingredients in these lemonades and boosters that will help you to reach your ultimate health goals:


Our Organic Black Lemonade has been such a success and people just can’t get enough of its zesty flavour and detoxifying benefits. It contains:

Filtered Water



Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is a wonder ingredient that helps to improve the detoxification efforts of your body. The reason for this is that it’s an incredibly porous substance with a huge surface area, so it has the effect of “sopping up” unwanted things from our gut. It’s been used for years as a remedy for food poisoning or gluten poisoning and is also great for alleviating the effects of trapped wind and bloating. 


Like it sounds, our smart lemonade is all about boosting brain function, and we love the strawberry kick from fresh organic strawberries. Strawberries are one of the “dirty dozen,” the 12 foods that you really need to be buying organic. The reason for this is that berries, and strawberries, in particular, are sprayed excessively with fertilisers and, when tested, those fertilisers have been shown to still be on the fruit when it comes to sitting on the supermarket shelves. Of course, you’ve no need to worry about that with CPRESS as we are 100% organic and certified by the Soil Association. It contains:

Filtered Water





Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar is a natural probiotic as it contains something called “the mother,” which, a bit like Kombucha, is a culture of bacteria and yeast similar to a SCOBY. This means it has a beneficial effect on our gut flora and our digestion, and also that it helps improve brain function via the gut-brain axis; the intrinsic connection between our gut microbiome and our brain. 


All of our lemonades contain naturally occurring electrolytes which are great for rehydrating the body, but the Recover-Me lemonade is particularly great for a post-work-out hydrate! It contains:

Filtered Water




Blue Algae

Algae are a very nutrient dense food and, if you’ve heard of Spirulina, come from the same family. They are high in B vitamins, iron and protein and can help to boost energy levels and wellbeing generally, as well as promote detoxification. 

Want to know more? Read about our Boosters and what they can do for your health here. 

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