Organic coffee

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Coffee is one of the hardest crops to grow. Its natural habitat is at high elevations, best in the shade of the trees to achieve a complete harmony with nature. This nature's shelter provides protection from migrating birds and natural disintegration of healthy soil.

The coffee drinking society demands as much as 12billion pounds of coffee to be supplied per year. This is not an easy task for the supply to fulfil. As coffee is very prone to be affected by insects and fungus, non-organic coffee growers treat their crops using synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides - a real mouthful with a bad aftertaste. 

These processes make coffee one of the most heavily chemically treated commodity on the market. The environment suffers and so does the farmer and the consumer. Chemicals leak into soil, water and air, destroying wildlife, pollute the environment of surrounding communities and your cup of coffee. To put things into perspective, there are over 1000 chemicals that have been identified in non-organic coffee, out of which 30 have been confirmed carcinogenic. 30 out of 1000 might not seem much, but when you pour that in a cup mixed in with your daily coffee, it totals to at least 10mg of rodent carcinogens per serving.

Switching to ORGANIC coffee, you're not doing a favour to our planet only, but to yourself. Knowing you are steering away from toxic substances, you can really enjoy your morning cup and count on the health benefits of the drink many of us cannot imagine their day to go by without. 

When drank in reasonable amounts, coffee may have positive effects on your health:

+ sharper mind

+ healthier heart

+ increased physical performance

+ uplifted mood

+ extra antioxidants

CPRESS coffee is of the finest quality and 100% ORGANIC. We work with an independent roaster Beanberry Coffee Company to bring you the best possible product to you. To learn more about their roasting practices, visit Beanberry's website.

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