Spring Clean Your Body

Finally it’s nearly time to wipe away the winter cobwebs and dust off your deck shoes; spring is nearly upon us! We’re all well acquainted with a spring clean for our houses, but what about a spring clean for our bodies and minds? Here are 3 tips to help spring clean your body!

The first thing to consider is your diet. We naturally crave more calorie dense foods during the colder months as our bodies are trying to store energy – they haven’t really caught on to the whole central heating and abundance of food thing yet, and this can consequently mean that we eat more than we need between December and February. Throw in Christmas and New Year and it’s easy to see why we emerge feeling more than a little sluggish! Keep your meals light and easy to digest and focus on eating seasonally to help your body adjust to its new climate. The more energy we expend on digestion, above what’s normal, the less we have available for the myriad of other complex processes that the body needs to carry out such as cell renewal and detoxification. This brings me to my next point, the infamous detox…

Detoxing gets a bad rep these days, and you may have heard people touting the phrase “all you need to do to detox is have a liver.” Well, it’s true! However, there is certainly a lot we can do to help support our liver and all the other detoxification processes that take place inside us. The change of the seasons is a great time to do a little cleanse and reset to support our bodies rather than charge on at full speed with no rest. You could try a 1-day juice cleanse followed by 3-5 days of 100% organic, plant-based eating. By eliminating some sources of toxicity from your diet you can help take the pressure off your detoxification systems. One of the best ways to do this is by eating 100% organic.

Lastly, it’s important to combine a healthy diet and body with a healthy mind, or should I say: if your mind is healthy your body is more likely to be, and if your body is healthy then your mind is exponentially more likely to be. Use spring as a chance to de-clutter your brain by de-cluttering the space around you; in other words, find your inner Marie Kondo. And once you’ve carved out some more space for yourself indoors, get yourself outdoors into the beautiful nature around us. Soak up the sunshine and notice the new growth and new life that is happening all around. For more on how getting outdoors helps to boost our mood, have a read here


Grace Kingswell


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