Welcome to the sustainability series. When it comes to sustainability, nobody is perfect and it’s a topic we’re constantly researching. Start small. It’s the little things that add up such as purchasing a keep cup, having a reusable tote bag and saying no to plastic straws.

Today we’re talking bathrooms. Here are 6 ideas for an eco-friendlier loo 


1. Who gives a crap?

You recycle your cardboard. You recycle your plastic. Have you ever thought about how much waste you’re producing from toilet roll? Of course, this isn’t something we’re going to tell you to cut out of your life but why not swap your current toilet roll for a more eco-friendly version? ‘Who Gives a Crap’ are “Good for your bum. Great for the world”. Their toilet rolls are soft, durable, and made from eco-friendly materials. Who Gives a Crap don’t believe in cutting down virgin trees. Instead, they create their rolls from recycled paper and bamboo. You can expect no scents, dyes or inks from these guys. Believe it or not – they’re actually very well priced, starting from 18.8p per 100 sheets! You can even get them delivered straight to your door in bulk (a great way to avoid dropping your shopping on the way home). AND get this… they donate 50% of their profits to charity. Their donations currently stand at a whopping £1,000,000 – helping to build toilets for those in need.

who gives a crap sustainable eco friendly bamboo recycled paper toilet


2. Watch what you're washing with 

Austin Austin Organic’ bring an organic soap to the bathroom (lotion, shampoo, conditioner and cream too). We recently made the switch to their “Palmarosa & Vetiver Hand Soap’ for our in-store bathrooms. It has a beautiful, natural scent of marjoram, palmarosa, rosemary, vetiver and lavender. Their bottles are super stylish, are made from 100% recycled material and all their packaging is recyclable. Not to mention – they’re certified by our good friends 'The Soil Association' AND they’re vegan! The products are produced in East Anglia where the brand was cofounded by the father-daughter duo, Richard and Bessie.

Austin Austin organic sustainable eco friendly hand soap wash


3. The au-naturel cleaner

Yep. It’s a thing. You can make your own multi-purpose cleaner using natural ingredients. All you’ll need is: one part vinegar, one part water, lemon peel and rosemary. Whack it all in a jar, let it sit for a week and then transfer it into an old spray bottle. Our Nutritional Therapist recently made the switch and couldn’t believe just how powerful this natural, homemade alternative is. It’s great for hard water stains! But, if you aren't quite ready to create your own cleaning potion then give 'Method' a try. Method are a B corp company that focus on creating eco-friendly cleaning products that are family and furry friend safe. 

eco friendly homemade sustainable cleaner


4. LEDs are a bright idea

Cut down your energy usage by switching to LED lights. These supposedly use 90% less energy when compared to your typical halogen or incandescent bulb. LED lights tend to last longer and the bulbs can be recycled meaning less waste ending up in landfill – win-win!

LED light bulb save energy sustainable lifestyle


5. Brush with bamboo

'The Humble Co' have given us a shocking stat - we go through 3.6 billion toothbrushes a year. That's a hell of a lot of plastic! Which is why The Humble Co have worked with dentists to create a toothbrush made from bamboo (this can be popped into your composting bin) and nylon bristles (recyclable) which are available for only £3.99. Not only is their Scandinavian design eco friendly and stylish but many of the proceeds go to the 'Humble Smile Foundation', providing preventative oral care to children in need. Our marketing team are very happy, bamboo toothbrush users!

 the humble co eco friendly bamboo sustainable toothbrush

6. Toothpaste in a jar

Say goodbye to those old, plastic tubes and hello to toothpaste in a little, glass jar. 'Georganics' have a simple philosophy; to provide oral care made from natural ingredients, have minimal waste packaging (plastic free, recyclable and compostable) and to be transparent with their manufacturing process. Their toothpastes are all made in Sussex, are vegan, cruelty free, contain calcium, magnesium and potassium (the essential minerals for your teeth) and retail at £6.90 a jar.

georganics eco friendly zero waste sustainable jar toothpaste

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