A More Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching. Last year, The Huffington Post showed a shocking prediction of how much plastic packaging would end up in landfill… 114,000 tonnes [1]. Luckily, many of us are becoming more and more aware of our environmental impact. You may be wondering what to do about Christmas decorations. Here we have a few ideas to get you going.



‘Protect the Planet’ are an online retailer that focus on creating products that are made from recycled/reclaimed materials, that are made ethically and also made in the UK. Guess what they’re got a great range of? CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. So, if you fancy some new baubles for the Christmas tree this year then we would certainly NOT recommend popping to the supermarket and whacking some cheap, crappy, plastic baubles in your trolley. These tend to be made of plastics that are not widely recycled. Instead, check out Protect the Planet and maybe pop in an order of some beautiful baubles made from recycled glass. Bonus… they even have recycled Christmas presents!


Charity Shops

This works both ways. Got some old Christmas decorations you don’t want any more that can’t be recycled? Drop them to your local charity shop. Just because you don’t want them, doesn’t mean somebody else won’t. Charity shops could also be a great place to find some antique Christmas decorations with a bit of character. If they’re vintage and have already lasted many years, chances are they are going to last many more. And hey, you may even find your ideal, ugly Christmas jumper whilst you’re there too (we hope you do because fashion is supposedly the second largest form of pollution on the planet – try and resist buying a brand new one every year).


 Make your own from natural resources

 Around this time of year, you’ll notice many a pinecone laying on the floor. It’s time to get creative. After all, things like pinecones, mistletoe, holly, cinnamon sticks and oranges are all compostable, woo! When it comes to DIY decorations Pinterest will be your best friend. We’ve put together our bauble alternative, natural-looking faves for a bit of festive inspo. It is as simple as four supplies: oranges, cinnamon sticks, pinecones and ribbon. So, here you go…

  1. Preheat the oven to 120 degrees Celsius
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut a few oranges into 4 slices
  3. Place orange slices onto baking paper and place them in the oven for up to 3 hours
  4. Keep an eye on the oranges, taking them out once they are hard
  5. Leave orange slices to cool overnight
  6. Using a sharp knife, pierce a hole through an orange slice, feed a piece of ribbon though and tie it at the top.
  7. Create bundles using 3 cinnamon sticks, wrap the ribbon around them (using 25cm pieces of ribbon) and tie a knot. Further up the ribbon, tie another knot so that it can be hung on the tree
  8. Tie ribbon pieces to pinecones
  9. Repeat with as many orange slices, cinnamon sticks and pinecones you would like to fill your tree with

 You can even make garlands from these four supplies to use as a tinsel alternative by threading them all onto one long piece of ribbon. Your tree will be looking and smelling festive!


Use what you've already got

 Take a moment to step back and think do I really NEED new décor? Or do I just WANT it? As much as we’d all love our houses to look like Santa’s grotto with a different colour theme every year, think about swapping décor with friends and family if you want to jazz things up.

 To sum up, what we’re saying is to be conscious of your purchases and be greener this Christmas!



  1. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/christmas-waste_uk_5a37c5afe4b01d429cca9595

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