The Fresher The Better

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Our aim every day is to focus on little details that make big differences. Most obviously this extends to the flavour of our juice, food, coffee and snacks but behind a great taste is a team of dedicated individuals that work tirelessly to deliver the freshest produce, that’s seasonal wherever possible, to the CPRESS kitchen which operates round the clock, 7 days a week.

 Our juices have some of the shortest shelf lives in the industry; on average it’s just three days. We wont sell any juice to you on the day that it expires, we make sure you get them before that so that they taste their best and also so that their nutritional integrity isn’t compromised.

 We also roast our coffee every week. That might not sound special to you but it’s not commonplace to roast coffee as regularly as once a week for big coffee chains. Coffee oxidises very quickly after it’s ground so we only grind our beans directly before we make your cup of coffee, even if you want to buy a bag of our coffee we never package it ground and store it on our shelves like that, but we’ll happily grind it for you before you leave the store.

Fresh salads and soups are made daily too and sent out to both stores from the central kitchen and we make sure they are all eaten up within a few days so that they are at their freshest when you get your hands on them!

 We care a lot about nutrition and strive to provide the highest product standards to our customers. Sourcing organic is core to our mission. We feel strongly about the benefits of eating organic and with the expansion of CPRESS we hope to make it even more accessible to people living all across London. Eating organic will help reduce your toxic load (more on that here), something all city dwellers could benefit from. 

 Never compromise, never normal.


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