The Interview Series: Vol 2: Aimee Fuller

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If we had to describe the whirlwind that is Aimee Fuller it would probably go something like this: Two time Olympic snowboarder, fitness queen and health fiend. Aimee is, quite simply, our idea of awesome. She was the first woman to land a double backflip at the Dachstein Pleasure Jam (we aren’t really sure what that is but it sounds terrifying), and one of the busiest people in town – so we were thrilled to grab 10 minutes of her time last week to chat all things food and fitness.

So first tings first, you’re currently on a 3 day CPRESS juice cleanse right? How is that going?

I actually feel surprisingly okay – in the sense that I’ve still managed to work out how I would normally. I’m feeling a little bit tired right now but I’m blaming that on the jet lag.

And you normally go quite hard with your training don’t you?

Yes! Obviously being an athlete and competing regularly has made me very aware of how powerful a tool exercise is, yoga and spinning are my go to.

You have some pretty loyal fans. How does it feel when you meet them?

You know I think it’s more of a shock for them. I’ve obviously built up this persona in the public spotlight, I’ve done TV and I’m really active on social media so I think when the fans meet me it’s nice because they realise that actually I’m just a really normal girl from Kent who started her career off on a dry slope just having some fun.

So how did it all happen then? Because us Brits don’t necessarily grow up doing snow sports, how did you get into it all in the first place?

I just started messing around on dry slopes and really loved it. When I was 16 I got my first sponsor, Roxy, and was invited out to Switzerland and from there onwards I started to consider that it could become my career. I lived in the U.S for 3 years and that’s where I really got noticed.

If you’re not backflipping somewhere snowy what are you most likely to be found doing? What does a ‘normal’ day look like for you?

I like to keep myself really busy. I’m in the habit of doing an early morning work out most days, not all the time but most days, and then I’ll make some brekkie.

What’s a typical breakfast for you?

Shall I be honest?

Um, yes!! Why wouldn’t you be?!

Well because literally I will genuinely eat a green bowl with poached eggs every day and I know that is so typically “health blogger” that sometimes I feel guilty for actually just naturally being so healthy! Ha! I just love it.

But that makes total sense, you’re an athlete so you’ve got to be 100% committed to your health right?

100%. If I’ve had more of a savage session in the morning then I might have more of a treat like vegan waffles or buckwheat waffles topped with almond butter and coconut yoghurt. Then after that I might go to a yoga class and then normally I’m running about town doing things for sponsors or creating content.

The other week I went and filmed at Fulham FC stadium which was mental! There’s always fun stuff going on and I’m always travelling. I was in DC last weekend and this weekend I’m off to Barcelona. At the same time though I do try and get some down time this time of year as it’s my off season, so I’ll go chill in a park, meet friends, eat all the food and drink all the coffee!

What’s your go to dinner if you’re needing something really nourishing and comforting?

It’s got to be an Indian, like a tandoori but a healthier version. I love making tandoori salmon with spinach and rice or lentil dahl…all of that sort of stuff. I’m always making a healthier version of something to be honest, I love making nachos with sweet potato tortilla crisps and lots of guac.

You mentioned that you go to yoga most days (and we’ve stalked your insta, you’re pretty flexi!). Is yoga a form of relaxation for you or more of a strength workout?

It really depends on the yoga, I love a good stretch to just chill out but then at the same time I love to challenge myself with the more difficult arm balances.

Obviously you have to spend a lot of time online, creating content, engaging with your followers and just generally being Insta famous! What do you do to relax and get away from that?

I think by spending time on my own. I’m a real people person and I’m always at 100% when I’m with people. Friends are always telling me that I never stop and I’m so “go go go”. I’m really positive and upbeat and I’m really careful to not let any negativity or stress, if I’m feeling it, rub off on anyone else so when I am tired and exhausted I’ll just consciously remove myself from situations so that I can rest and recuperate. Yoga definitely helps me in the intense times when I’m competing and it helps me still my mind and focus. It’s also a method of recovery for me, it really is the key for longevity in movement in what I do. Snowboarding is such high impact, so yoga is a great way of caring for all those small muscles and joints. I wake up every morning and do 20 mins of yoga before I ride so that I can move well on the slopes and in the air.

Can you tell us what you consider to be your career highlights to date?

First woman to land a double backflip at the X Games, two time winner of the Dachstein Pleasure Jam, third at the Roxy Pro and last year I finished third in the world Tour Super Series Big Air, and then obviously two time Olympian…

Just slipping that one in at the end!!

HA! Yeh..Sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed by it all because I honestly get the most amazing opportunities. A few weeks ago I cycled a part of the Giro with my sponsor Tag Heuer. I did the Mt. Etna stage which was cool!

And what’s the goal for the next few years?

I’d like to compete at the Olympics again but I’m thinking about tackling a different discipline within snowboarding, perhaps boarder cross. I think it could be a really fun, new challenge and keep the sport fresh and exciting for me. It would fit in with my “try a new thing every day” moto. I also want to complete my yoga teacher training, and I’m writing a book at the moment. I’m planning on filming this year as well; riding in the backcountry and taking some exploration powder missions to Japan. Wow, a lot of goals then! I better get to work haha!

So what have you tired new today so far then?!

Well I’m on my juice cleanse, which is definitely very new! And later I’m going to a spin class and I’ll essentially be doing it fasted so that will be interesting!

What’s your favourite CPress juice?

The Farmers Market for sure as it’s just vegetables and I try and keep my sugar low. If I’m feeling like a treat I’d go for the Pink Panther smoothie, it’s INSANE, and the colour is amazing.

Would you ever quit coffee?

I think for me it’s become such a pre-race ritual that I’d be worried I wouldn’t have that energy spark I need before I compete. I might reduce it this season when I’m not competing enough, but honestly, I bloody love coffee. The CPRESS flat white with the homemade almond milk is ridiculously good.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast, without a doubt.

Green juice or green bowl?


Porridge or waffles?

Oh man that’s tough. I think waffles…but I do love porridge! But porridge for me is like a working breakfast, I always eat it when I’m snowboarding but waffles are special.

If you had to pick one form of exercise to do for the rest of your life what would it be?

Oh man, I don’t think I can choose actually. Snowboarding, yoga and spinning all in one!?

Chocolate or nut butter?

Nut butter! I hate chocolate, can’t stand it. Obsessed with almond butter though.

Eggs or avocado?


Okay and final question, health rules out the window what is you ultimate dinner? Starter, main and desert.

Starter would be paprika sweet potato wedges with maybe some sort of Greek yoghurt dip. Main would be nachos, but healthy ones. Lots of guac, salsa, loads of feta and maybe throw some chicken in there too. Desert would be a big old stack of buckwheat waffles or pancakes, maybe banoffee style with date caramel and almond butter and hot berries and some Greek yog. Yum!



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