The January Complex

January is a funny month. Without realising it we can feel unbalanced and anxious – haven’t made any resolutions (sorry, goals) and everyone’s busy posting theirs on Instagram? Happy to keep going as you are – so what if it’s January? Feeling a bit down in the dumps? It’s only natural after a prolonged period of festivity and over-indulgence. If you’ve begun a cleanse or healthy eating plan then your body could likely be getting used to life without all the sugary treats which could explain the unbalanced feeling. Perhaps you’re reassessing your career choice or relationship or trying a new fitness regime, whatever it is, here are our top tips for finding balance this January.

  1. #SelfCare

Trending pretty hard core right now on social media, and for good reason, the simple act of Self Care is our number 1 priority for 2018. This might mean different things for each of you, more exercise, less exercise, a weekly digital detox, laughing more, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, taking time out from your busy day to read a few chapters of a good book, focussing on your nutrition or trying Veganuary. Anything that makes you feel GOOD.

  1. The #DigitalDetox

Why is it that everything has its own hashtag these days? Anyway, you’ve probably read a lot about it by now or noticed the absence of your favourite instagrammer over Christmas as they took some time offline, but have you tried it yourself? Constantly checking social media has been proven to increase feelings of anxiety and the dreaded “I’m not as cool/pretty/fit/happy” as them. Try either waking up and not switching on your phone until you’ve showered and eaten breakfast, or turn it off an hour before bed – you’ll sleep better for it too. Which bring us onto our next point…

  1. Those crucial 8 hours.

“Sleep is a luxury I can’t afford”, is something we’ve heard a few too many times in London. We all lead such busy lives that a solid 8 hour sleep at night becomes less and less possible, especially during the festive period. Chances are you or some of your friends are carrying out #dryjanuary (again with the hashtags), so use this opportunity to come home from work, cook a nutritious meal and indulge in some you time. Relax at home and get to bed nice and early. Good sleep is the key to better energy, skin and mood and it’s also when your immune system fires up to help cleanse the body. Try a relaxing pillow spray to help you drift off. Used every night, these can be a valuable tool to help you get back to sleep if you wake up in the night as your body will start to associate the smell of the essential oils with falling asleep. Our fave is Neals Yard.

  1. Set realistic goals.

Happiness is the goal here guys, if busting your ass 6 days a week in the gym lifting heavy weights isn’t working for you then try a different approach. Every body is different, some respond well to hard core strength training and some are happier with yoga for toning and long walks or jogging for cardio. Whatever you choose, make sure you move at least once a day. Invest in a good puffa jacket to beat the cold and go for a daily walk at lunch time, the endorphins and being outside instead of in front of a screen will really help lift your mood and keep you positive and focussed.

  1. Plan a Reset

If a full on juice cleanse isn’t your thing then spend some time researching warming and easy to digest recipes that are light and nutritious and ditch the heavy meals late at night and the refined carbs and sugary foods. Detoxing isn’t a word to be shamed, for us it simply means not eating the bad stuff. If you’re on a juice fast then the point isn’t that you’re only drinking juice, it’s that you aren’t eating or drinking anything that’s heavy or taxing for the body. Find what feels good for you, whether that be 3 smaller and simpler meals a day perhaps with some 100% organic vegetable juices thrown in, or go for broke with a full on cleanse. The key is to allow your digestive system the time to rest so that it can process food more effectively. Try and leave at least 4-5 hours between meals and if you have to snack, make it worthwhile and nutrient dense but light enough so that you don’t throw your digestive system into overdrive.



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