The Post-Indulgence Protocol

Ahhh the festive period. That Christmas-like feeling of entitlement, of duty even, that we should stuff our faces with as much chocolate as we can lay our little mitts upon. Do you feel a bit like this dog right now?!

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter weren’t historically code for an eating marathon but the frightening commerciality these holidays are now associated with means we are inevitably left feeling sluggish, unhealthy and in need of a good spring clean!

So, in the spirit of making our blog actually useful to you, dear readers, here are our top tips for getting back to health after a massive blow out!

The Intermittent Fast

Quite popular at the moment, intermittent fasting might be something you include into your day regularly or it could be something to think about if you know you’ve eaten too much and need to give your body a break. Numerous studies now are showing that intermittent fasting can help you burn fat and live longer, but for the benefit of this post-indulgence protocol, it’s also a really sensible way to rest your digestive system, stabilise insulin levels and let your body focus on detoxing. An intermittent fast is when you eat your first meal of the day at lunch time, then supper as normal and then from that point onwards you leave 16 hours before the next meal (lunch time again the next day). You can do this daily for a week, or just as and when you feel you need it.

A Juice Cleanse or liquid food day

Clearly, here at CPRESS, we love a juice cleanse. It is so good for rebalancing after a long weekend of indulgence, whilst still supplying your body with amazingly beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Our preference would be a green cleanse, purely because it’s the lowest in sugar (we overdid the chocolate too!), however if you’re not used to cleansing then the original or house cleanse might suit you better.

Similarly, we’d suggest adding one of our organic soups in to your juice cleanse day – especially through the winter months. It’s so important to supply the body with a lot of liquid when you’re trying to help it detoxify and healthify (just coined that word, not sorry!) after a few days of overeating and indulging.

Go Plant Based for a day

It’s scientifically proven that protein is the hardest food group for the body to break down, that is to say, it requires the most energy and mineral input from our bodies to break it down into its constituent amino acids and be used as energy. Eating a plant based diet for a day or two can help release energy for other vital body functions like repair and detoxification. There are also much fewer toxic ‘waste’ products from the break down of plants than there are from animal proteins, so again, that’s one less thing for our bodies to deal with. You should feel lighter and more energetic, which will help you mentally as well if you’re suffering from that ever-common guilty feeling after a long weekend! Animal protein is also very acid forming, so going a few days without will help to re-alkalise your body after going OTT.

Eat Organic

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer really. Eating organic fruit, veg and protein is like being on a cleanse without having to try. Of course there are times when we can’t find the veg that we want organically and so end up buying non-organic, or if the cost of something is particularly high then again, it might not be the easiest option. However, if you want to lend a helping hand during those times when you know you could really use it, then eating organic avoids your body needing to process out harmful pesticide residues or antibiotic traces and it can go about it’s usual functions without complaint. That’s why at CPRESS EVERYTHING is 100% organic, because after all, #healthiswealth.





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