The Self Love Series: Vol 3: Treat Yo Self

We are about to put a new poster outside our Fulham Road store. It’s a picture of our delicious protein bites and the caption in bold reads: TREAT YO SELF. Fashionable abbreviations aside, the concept here is an important one: treat yourself. Look after yourself. Love yourself.

So far this series we’ve talked about stress and ways to get back to balance if you feel yourself spinning out of control. Last week we gave you tips on how to build a mental health tool kit; nifty things you can carry around with you at all times that look after your wellbeing. Now it’s the turn of what you might have been expecting from “Self Love” all along, treating yourself to something special that makes you feel good.

First off, the quick wins. These things are a bit like a sugar rush, amazing while they last but can leave you wanting more. We asked some of our amazing customers this week, male and female, and here’s what came up.

  1. Getting a massage.
  2. Treating yourself to something naughty, like some chocolate brownies or pastries with your coffee at the weekend.
  3. Getting a manicure (this was surprisingly popular!)
  4. Going to your favourite work out class. Nothing beats those post-train endorphins!
  5. Going to CPRESS. Okay we added that one, but really, it helps we promise.

Whilst some days you do just really need a pampering sesh, we all know that it’s not a permanent fix. Here are some ideas that are a bit out out of the ordinary.

  1. Get into sourdough baking. In our fast moving and automated, computerised world more and more people are realising that the ancient art of sourdough baking can be therapeutic and comforting. Nurturing a sourdough starter with care and affection is similar to our own acts of self love. Waiting for your dough to rise so that you can bake it demands patience, and pulling a deliciously warm and fragrant loaf from the oven on a Sunday morning will fill you with a huge sense of lasting achievement.
  2. Develop some new routines that enrich your days. With the days beginning to get longer we suggest building a long walk into your morning or evening routine. Walking is so good for the soul. Granted it’s definitely better when you’re able to get out into nature rather than London’s concrete jungle, but make use of the many London parks if you don’t live somewhere rural. More so than running, walking will fill you with a sense of calm and burn calories. Remember to look up – you’ll feel grounded when you take in the huge expanse of sky above you.
  3. Take a trip to see a wellness expert. We have a habit in the west of only going to a doctor when we notice that something’s wrong. Chinese medicine, functional medicine or holistic coaches take more of a maintenance approach, you go regularly so that you don’t end up with symptoms that might have you rushing to your GP. Go get yourself a acupressure massage or treat yourself to a holistic health session with our absolute fave, Tori Boughey of TBalance.

Speaking of, Tori (self care expert and life coach), will be featured next week on our blog answering some of our questions about Self Love. Stay tuned!


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