The Self Love Series: Vol 4: Tips from a professional.

We are so excited to welcome Tori Boughey of TBalance to round up the CPRESS Self Love Series. 

TBalance is a Holistic Health Coaching service and brand that strives to help people connect with, value, and look after themselves. Tori offers one-on-one coaching sessions that cover everything from diet, to exercise, lifestyle, spirituality, career choices and much more. We asked Tori some of our most 'need to know' questions about finding and nurturing a sense of Self Love:

  1. What does Self Love mean for you? 

Self love is a complex, dynamic and non-judgemental relationship that you create with yourself. I believe it's something that is formed when you respect and appreciate who you are; celebrating the traits that you love and tolerating the parts that you’re most likely to criticise. I think it’s important to know that Self Love comes from within; when you love who you are, your relationships will be healthier and your life will be happier. Self love sets the standard in how we allow others to treat us and how we treat ourselves.

If we get our self-esteem from appearance, success, financial situations, relationships etc...we will be disappointed because no one can guarantee that we’ll have these things tomorrow. 

So self love to me is about falling in love with yourself and finding the things that truly make you tick within.

  1. What would you say is the biggest opponent to cultivating a sense of Self Love in this day and age? 

I’d say that the biggest opponents would be anything that contradicts the self respect I mentioned above! 

A lack of having boundaries in place, enduring a day-to-day routine that doesn’t work for you and general negativity in any areas of your life is lethal. This negativity takes away from a deep sense of love and can be anything from what you’re doing at work, to the people you’re working with and surrounding yourself with daily, the relationships you engage in; romantically and platonically, the way you spend your time, the foods you eat etc etc. 

Comparison is also deadly, with social media being one of the main culprits of enabling this. Of course it is so powerful if used in the correct way, but there’s a lotta smoke & mirrors out there!

  1. If you ever feel at rock bottom, what are some of the things that you do to rebalance?

Firstly I breathe and become aware of myself and my surroundings - it might sound odd but having a moment to sit with any pain and acknowledge how and why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling is really powerful. 

I find gratitude one of the most useful tools, so I’ll then take a minute to remember something great in my life and work from there. A yoga class will also be high on my priority list… Then once I have done all this and taken 5, I will call on a friend or one of my family members; support from loved ones is great when you are combining it with tapping into your inner strength. 

I really like to cry and release whatever it is that needs releasing and my go to crystal in times like this is a Rose Quartz!

  1. What accounts inspire you on Instagram to nurture a sense of Self Love? 

Ah there are so many! But in brief… Gabrielle Bernstein is 10/10, Jody Sheild is hugely inspirational, Gina Swire is a goddess and Annabelle Blythe: my absolute favourite right now, she writes so beautifully and is honest and real.

  1. You've had an incredible night out with your pals but slightly over indulged. At the time you were so happy which is good for the soul, but the morning after has you feeling less than 100%. What are your top tips for getting back into the swing of things and getting your mojo back?!

A great question to finish on and these nights are so important to have! 

I always try to make sure my fridge is well stocked for the hangover… A couple of green juices (CPRESS of course), some foods that are easy to digest and kind on the stomach - these usually include spinach, eggs & rye bread and lots of lemons for hot water & lemon: a natural flush and an immune boost! I then love to go for a walk, mainly to avoid one of those days where I feel really unproductive but also to get out in nature and give a tree a hug! I honestly find it one of the most powerful ways to energise myself and this is exactly what’s needed to get my mojo back!


We hope you've found this 4 part series helpful, and that you feel empowered to get out there and love yourself! For those seeking an extra helping hand, Tori can be contacted via her website



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