The TatFair Team Cleans House with the House Cleanse!

 Discover the One-Day Cleanse that Really Does Fit All

Fall has officially made its chilly, grand debut, and many of us are embracing the back-to-school spirit with our health in mind. If there’s anything that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that one can never be too mindful about staying in fighting form. What better way to bid adieu to the indulgences of summer and mindless stay-at-home snacking with a quick, no-fuss cleanse to get back on track? If you’re looking to clean house this fall, consider the CPRESS House Cleanse your dietary Hoover.

During lockdown, we sent the House Cleanse to the TatFair team, to see how it fared among four busy and discerning professionals working from home. Formulated to expel toxins, reset your digestion, and promote healthy liver function, this 5-juice, 2-booster cleanse is designed to help you effectively manage your sugar cravings for a deprivation-free experience. Here’s what the TatFair team had to say post-cleanse.


How important is organic food for you?

Lucie B-S: Fairly so. I like to make sure everything I eat is good quality and I know where it's from. 

Claire S: Somewhat important, I don't always buy Organic

Saffy A-E: Very, I try to buy organic whenever I can.

Kate S: Fish, meat and dairy - I go organic as often as possible.  Not so careful with the vegetables and grains.


PRO TIP: if your eating habits aren’t exactly exemplary, you may feel the effects of cleanse a little more intensely than you would on a cleaner diet.


Why did you decide to do a cleanse?

Lucie B-S: I thought it would be a good challenge, and help me stop snacking so much (thanks, WFH!). 

Clare S: Give my system a detox.

Saffy A-E: To have a detox and cleanse my system.

Kate S: I'm one of many, no doubt, who saw lockdown as a passport to eat and drink!  I knew a cleanse would mark a turning-point towards better habits.


What results were you looking for?

Lucie B-S: To feel energised and lose a pound or two.

Clare S: More energy.

Saffy A-E: Dulling my sugar and chocolate cravings [and] getting rid of water retention and bloating.

Kate S. To lose some lockdown weight.


Was it the first time for you?

Lucie B-S: Yes

Clare S: No, I would say once a year

Saffy A-E: I've done two juice cleanses before.

Kate S: About once a year, but in the past I used to do it more often.

PRO TIP:  First time cleansers, take note: don’t be a hero. A one-day cleanse is more than enough to do good by your body. Take it step-by-step instead of jumping head-first into a weeklong cleanse.

How did your cleanse impact your energy levels? 

Lucie B-S: Quite energised all day, however by the evening of the cleanse, I felt quite tired. I did feel great the day after though. 

Clare S: I felt tired during the day but energised the next day.

Saffy A-E:: Felt so much energy the next day. 

Kate S: I had a low point mid-morning, but by the end of the cleanse and certainly the next day, I was brimming with energy


PRO TIP:  While cleansing, a bit of fatigue is 100% normal as your body eliminates toxins and readjusts to the lack of sugar, caffeine, and other quick pick-me-ups you’re used to consuming.


And how did it impact your everyday life? 

Lucie B-S: It made me appreciate food more and think more about if I was really hungry or just needed a distraction.

Clare S: It was helpful that I was at home for the day, so I didn't need to worry about keeping the juices with me or cold.

Saffy A-E: More alert, energised, dynamic.

Kate S: I found it hard to concentrate and focus on the day I did the cleanse.


PRO TIP: In general, and especially for first-time cleansers, we recommend taking it very easy. Don’t feel guilty about skipping your workout on a cleansing day. Your body will thank you!


Did you supplement the cleanse with anything? 

Lucie B-S: No.

Clare S: I had a little plain chicken and spinach for dinner as I was running the next morning.

Saffy A-E: No.

Kate S: No.


PRO TIP: First rule of cleansing: listen to your body. If you need to eat, EAT! As long as you drink the juices in the recommended order and try your best to stick to the schedule (every 2 hours for the House Cleanse), there’s no right or wrong way to do it.


What would your advice be to someone that is about to start one?

Lucie B-S: Have smaller meals for the days before the cleanse. 

Clare S: Don't overindulge before or after.

Saffy A-E: Would encourage them to do it for the benefits the next day and beyond.

Kate S: Do it on a day when you don't have too much [going] on.


What didn’t you like about the cleanse? 

Lucie B-S: I was not a fan of the last juice (Farmers Market), so found it quite hard to drink, which may be why I was left feeling so un-energised in the evening. 

Clare S:  The beetroot shot!

Saffy A-E: Nothing.

Kate S I liked it all.

PRO TIP: Beetroot: we’re big fans (and so are our livers!), but we realise that not all tastebuds agree.

What did you love about the cleanse? 

Lucie B-S: The boosters! They were delicious. When I am back in London I will definitely come into the store and buy some. 

Clare S: That I didn't feel as hungry as I thought I would.

Saffy A-E: Loved the scheduling and the taste of the different juices, great to have the larger bottles mixed in with the smaller shots to keep you going just as you were feeling in need of something.

Kate S: The juices and boosters were so tasty!

What a difference a day makes!  Whether you’re a seasoned cleanser or simply cleanse-curious, the House Cleanse is a great way to transition into a new season on the right foot.

This post has been written in collaboration with the staff at Condé Nast London - words put together by Julia Reiss

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