Three simple ways to add celery juice to your day


New to the celery juice protocol? Have a read of this recent post which discusses why you might want to drink it and what it’s good for. If your interest has been piqued by this online phenomena then we don’t blame you for wanting to give it a go. As humans we are fundamentally pretty inquisitive and we’re also fascinated by what others around us are eating and doing, how they’re working out, whether they’re on some new diet that we think might help us as well etc etc...Basically we’re nosy, and we want in on what our neighbour is doing.

So everyone is drinking celery juice and you want to too. Why? You’re not really sure…(again, have a read of this post), but that doesn’t really bother you. If thousands of people across the world are experiencing incredible effects from it then you’re game. So let’s discuss how you go about it, what time of day you should drink it, how much you should drink, whether you can eat before or after, whether you should have meditated and said a few words of gratitude or sage smudged your flat and chanted your mantra whilst balancing on one foot and focussing on deep breathing...Okay we’re joking about these last few but the point is this - how you do something should be up to you at the end of the day. Any new dietary protocol has got to fit into your life and work for you. The information below is the generally accepted method that seems to be correlating with all these fantastic health benefits that everyone is talking about - so give it a go, but if you find a way that suits you better then ‘you do you!’



The general consensus seems to be that celery juice should be taken first thing in the morning. The Medical Medium, i.e. the self-proclaimed “authority” on celery juice writes that the mineral salts in celery juice help us to produce more bile to adequately break down our food, so by drinking it first thing before food (and waiting 15 mins before you eat anything), it’s like priming your stomach to do an excellent job of digesting:

“Mineral salts are critical for our bodies to function optimally. They keep your kidneys and adrenals functioning and raise your gut’s hydrochloric acid so your body can break down and assimilate what you eat—while they balance your pH as well as cleanse and repair your stomach, the rest of your digestive tract, and, most importantly, your liver. They also allow information to travel throughout your body so it can keep itself in balance no matter what’s occurring.” (1)


If you’ve got time on your hands you can juice a bunch of celery at home first thing in the morning. Personally though, we’re always a bit pressed for time first thing and all that cleaning and washing of the blender is just admin that we don’t need right now. Luckily for you CPRESS now sells 100% organic and cold pressed celery juice - too easy!

If you don’t have a juicer and can’t get to a CPRESS cafe but you still want to give it a try, you can use a high speed blender and add your celery stalks along with some water and blend until smooth. Then, strain it through cheesecloth or muslin and drink.


The advice from the Medical Medium is to drink 500ml. That’s a LOT of celery juice. If you love the taste and half a litre of pure celery works for you, then great, but if you prefer just a glassful you’re still going to be getting the benefits. As ever, do what works for you. Breakfast is a non-negotiable for us and we find that 500ml of juice can be a lot to handle if you need to eat shortly after.

We also like to add a squeeze of lemon to ours, as we find it really improves the flavour. The benefits are supposedly more marked when the celery is taken as a mono juice, but since when did a little cucumber and squeeze of lemon ever hurt anyone?


Give it a try and let us know how you get on!




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