TOP 5: Master meal planning

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Meal planning is a very personal matter, different from one person to another, from one lifestyle to another. Ultimately, it comes down to what works for you.

These top 5 tips are for everyone. If you are an experienced planner, you might find some new ideas, and if you are looking to swap relying on last minute grab-and-go options for some meal planning, this will hopefully be your inspiration.

1. Search

and indulge. It might sound like a bit of work, but once you have your favourite meals tackled, you'll be able to efficiently plan your days ahead. We love looking for inspiration with our Pinterest account. Start easy by planning just one meal a day - breakfast, then add slowly. Keeping a food journal for a week or two for the variety also helps to keep things colourful and exciting. It can be a fun exercise to see how much of greens, protein or liquids you're getting on weekly basis. 

2. Stock

but don't overstock. You now have your top meals, you'll get a hang of the amounts needed for a week in no time. Try to keep the clutter away from the fridge. Overstuff the shelves and you might end up forgetting and wasting, not to mention having to clean up spoiled food. A well stocked pantry with healthy activated nuts, granolas and snacks like dehydrated broccoli will keep you away from the junk food and perfect for hunger strike emergencies.

3. Check

the weather. Sounds ridiculous?  Well, in the UK it might be. But weather forecast can help you narrow the choices down to a fewer options. Rainy morning? Hot porridge. Sunny afternoon? Açai Bowl time! 

4. Theme

your evenings. Salad or soup movie nights? Sounds tempting. Invite friends over for a potluck evening and you might even get away with a veggie stick and hummus dip and end up with delicious leftovers. It might sound cheeky, but you brought friends together for a fun evening and did the planning, so no harm done! 

5. Relax

and let CPRESS plan your meals for you - this was an obvious one wasn't it? We aim to make life of our customers not only a healthier one, but easier. It's all about eating clean and keeping the mind stress-free. Our Clean Eating meal plans will take care of your daily nutrients, provide clean pesticides free unprocessed foods and free up the hours of meal planning for some more fun activities. Trying a day or two will also give you a good idea of what types of meal you could plan yourself for next week. Extra long Sunday walk or yoga anyone?




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