We Tried 'Get A Drip'...

Having heard so much about Get A Drip, the IV vitamin drip, we sent our Chelsea store manager, Jamie, off to try it...Here's what she said:

Cliché alert: I am your typical Aussie chick living in London, practicing yoga daily, eating organic and plant based food, generally being active and looking after myself. I moved to London a year ago and at times, like all the other Londoners out there, I feel overwhelmingly run down, fatigued and over-polluted.

Not wanting to feel ‘meh’ for much longer I sought the advice of Yoga teacher and nutritionist Bridget Hancock, and she suggested I try ‘Get A Drip,’ a company that provides IV vitamin drips and booster shots to, hopefully, make you feel amazing.

The marketing spiel goes along the lines of “restores your body’s natural balance, boosts your energy, reduces depression, helps burn off stubborn fat, helps prevent flu and promotes overall health and wellbeing.” Sounded too good to be true and I was excited to try it.

The IV vitamin drip is an administration of fluids, vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The procedure is fast acting because it bypasses the gastrointestinal system. This means 100% of vitamins and nutrients are absorbed directly into your body – supposedly!

The drip takes around 30 minutes and is administered by a healthcare professional in a relaxed and comforting manner. I felt the effects of the drip almost immediately, within an hour I started feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. There is a feeling of cold during the process, especially in your arm connected to the drip. The next day I woke up feeling revived, rebalanced and overall my mood lifted and I felt energised. The weeks following I have seen serious improvements in my overall energy.

The “menu” is as follows:

Basic hydration 

Energy drip (That’s the one I had)

Party drips

Detox water 

Sports drip 

The full works 


Of course, it’s important to say that the drip isn’t designed as a cure to illness, more a top up of the good stuff, and if you are actually unwell it might be worth consulting your healthcare professional first.

Get a drip have locations in Canary Wharf and Shoreditch, and a regular pop up in Chelsea. The next Chelsea pop up will be on 26th April, contact bridgethancock1@gmail.com or to visit the other locations go on line getadrip.co.uk


Hope you feel as great as I did!

Jamie x


Disclaimer: CPRESS isn’t promoting Get a Drip – this write up is based on the personal experience of one of our employees.

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