What Happened When I Switched to Organic Skincare

As a female in their mid 20s, the condition of my skin is obviously something I’m very conscious about. Especially as I scroll down the gram and get bombarded with ridiculously stunning models with the most flawless skin. How on Earth do they achieve that? Unfortunately, it seemed I could not. Due to my pill I’m very prone to breakouts… isn’t being a female fun?! Yay for hormones!!! We've teamed up with ‘Evolve Beauty' to try out their ‘Balance & Protect’ gift set. 


Why is it Important to use Organic Products?

So, my usual skincare routine (after trying what felt like every product in Superdrug) consisted of a micellar water and a cocoa butter moisturiser. I tried to keep it as simple as possible because the more I played around with products, the more I’d mess up my skin. May I add that I’m I serial picker; as soon as that spot rises, I’m squeezing the living crap out of it of course then leaving marks on my skin that would probably take a good 2 weeks to clear up – not great for the old self-confidence.

Everyone is becoming more aware of why it’s important to consume organic food. But what about the products we use on our skin? It doesn’t make sense to smother ourselves in chemicals. Maybe we should think of it from this perspective: if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. I spoke to our resident nutritionist about this as she said: 

"Your skin is your body's largest organ. Whatever you put on it will eventually have to make its way to your liver for detoxification. So don't put unnecessary stress on your body by using chemicals."

Evolve beauty use natural ingredients, are vegan, cruelty free, contain no toxic chemicals, are eco-friendly...you name it! They even hand craft each product themselves. Each bottle is signed by the employee who personally put the ingredients together - this is so cute and it really made me feel confident in using them. 


The Kit

 Evolve Organic Natural Skincare Gift Set

The ‘Balance & Protect’ kit contains a simple three step process:


  1. Daily Detox Facial Wash – This is a great product if you’re living in the city. It sets out to cleanse the impurities left on your skin using natural sugars. Moringa Peptides Goji berry extracts protect your skin from pollution. This stuff even manages to get my stubborn mascara off that I’d usually spend ages scrubbing with a cotton pad and micellar water. You can simply use your hands to rub the facial wash into your skin, which foams up nicely. It leaves my skin feeling super fresh.  
  1. Rainforest Rescue Blemish Serum – Evolve beauty claim this is natural yet the most powerful product you can use to treat blemish prone skin. It even helps to protect you from future breakouts. Willow bark increases cell turnover, whilst acai and copaiba decrease sebum production and the appearance of spots. Now, I can personally say that is 100% true for me. Normally I’d have a few juicy whiteheads a week. They are bane of my life. As previously mentioned – I’m a serial spot picker. When using the rainforest rescue, I don’t have my usual outbreaks. Not one spot!!? Life changer.
  1. True Balance Lotion – This isn’t your usual lotion. It sets out to improve skin texture, protect your skin, hydrate it, reduce oiliness and reduce the appearance of pores. One of the ingredients in this lotion is ‘hyaluronic acid’, which is a moisture binding ingredient. This ingredient is so amazing that they even sell hyaluronic acid by itself – I’ve tried this out and it’s so moisturising that you literally feel like you’ve been to a spa and had an hour long facial. I also hasten to mention that their hyaluronic acid comes from natural sources and isn't chemical based. 

The Verdict

I mean this when I say it: within the first three days of using the Balance & Protect gift set my skin was literally transformed and my blemishes disappeared. The appearance of my pores were significantly reduced too. For years my forehead was bumpy - perhaps these were blocked pores? But, I can now say that it has never been so freakin' soft and smooth. When I wake up my skin looks clear and matte, instead of gross and oily. I've been using the kit for around three weeks now and I genuinely look forward to going through the three-step regime each morning and evening because I know that I’m taking care of my skin with gentle, natural products. You can test out travel samples in the Balance and Protect kit for £22. HIGHLY recommend!



This article was contributed by Ciara O'Brien, CPRESS Marketing Assistant. Ciara is a fitness junkie, foodie and all round health enthusiast. Usually found at Body Pump, green juice in hand. 

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