What Makes the Great Taste Award Different From Other Food Awards?

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What Makes The Great Taste Award Different From Other Food Awards?

Exciting news – CPRESS was awarded 3 Great Taste Awards recently! and We're chuffed to bits!

More than 5,000 food and drink products from around the world are blind-tasted each year. So when you see a Great Taste Award logo on a product, say in our lovely CPRESS shop, you can be sure that the product is of an exceptional standard.

3 Awards in one year certainly means that our customers are getting value for money when they purchase CPRESS drinks – Fresh, flavourful, and bursting with nutrients. No additives or preservatives… just the good stuff! 

Interested to discover our Award-winning juices? Read on! But before here is an explanation of what makes Great Taste Awards different from other food awards.

What is The Great Taste Award?

The Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and specialty food producers. It has been described as the 'Oscars' of the food world and the 'epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize'. Quite simply the benchmark for specialty food producers throughout the UK and across Europe.

Established in 1994, it encourages and mentors artisan food producers, offering a unique benchmarking and product evaluation service leading to an independent accreditation that enables small food businesses to compete against supermarket premium own-label brands.

What Really Makes The Great Taste Award Different From Other Food Awards?

Over 500 judges, including specially trained food writers inputting judges' comments, come together in London's Guildhall annually to taste and judge a huge variety of products.

They carry out rigorous blind tasting sessions over several days to ensure everything that they taste complies with strict criteria - including appearance (looks like what it tastes like), texture (how well something melts or crumbles for example), and flavor (a standard which covers off all sorts of taste sensations such as saltiness, sweetness, and umami, which is the savoury taste).

As the only truly international awards scheme for food, drinks, and culinary products based on blind tasting, The Great Taste can't be influenced by packaging or price promotions. This makes it the trusted benchmark in this industry. All products are appreciated in their own right – but gold stars are given to those that make our judges feel particularly special when they taste them.

When a product wears a Great Taste label it carries a badge of honour but more importantly, the Great Taste logo is a sign that other consumers recognise that they too will enjoy that taste experience.  

And this is why at CPRESS we believe The Great Taste Award is the most credible and respected food award in the country  – everyone, from chefs to retailers, know that their judges award a symbol of excellence for taste alone.

We're proud to be part of a scheme with such high standing! It means we can continue doing what we do best – making great-tasting products that keep people wanting more.

3 Great Taste Awards for CPRESS: Our winning products in 2021

The judges were thoroughly impressed with the flavor and quality of our juices, and coconut water. Here's a little bit more about each of them:

Winner: Coconut Water

The CPRESS Coconut Water was praised for its "Delightful opacity and soft pink shade." Judges also loved its "natural and refreshing coconut taste" and awarded it 2 stars.

"This is exceptional coconut water. Delicately aromatic on the nose, and super bright and clean on the palate - this water doesn't have any of the soapy aftertastes of other coconut waters. Extremely refreshing"

Coconut Water  


Winner: Prime Number

The judges were impressed with CPRESS Prime Number Juice for its "nice balance" of sweetness and tartness, with a lovely refreshing ginger taste and awarded it 2 stars.

"Well balanced, with all three flavours present. Not overly sweet and easy to drink. The ginger is lovely and warm without blowing your socks off. The beetroot is earthy but clean in flavour and the pineapple balances the whole drink. Very nice."

Prime Number 


Winner: Charged Up

The CPRESS Charged Up Juice was another hit for its "super fresh" taste that is definitely not bitter or too sweet." Judges could taste all of the components equally and liked that the carrot didn't have the 'earthiness' that can accompany root veg. There was a lovely sweetness and a good acidity.

"A bright and vibrant juice, with a refreshing tartness that balances the sweetness of the citrus beautifully. The earthy turmeric gives yet another dimension and depth of character that makes this really a great juice for grown-up tastes."


You've met the winners, now meet the sinners!

Although three of our products received great recognition with the Great Taste Awards, one of our amazing products wasn't so lucky but we're an honest brand, and we wanted to tell you why. Our Ginger Booster missed out, but for all the right reasons:
‘This certainly isn’t for people looking for a refreshing juice drink’
‘A few sips completely set our palate on fire!’
‘If intense is what you’re after, this fits the bill’

 Full to the brim with fiery, ginger flavour, the Ginger Booster proved too much for the judges. But we’re totally cool with that, because that means it’s full to the brim with all the goodness ginger provides (it has 30g ginger root in each bottle!) helping lower inflammation, combat nausea and improve digestion.

You know what they say if you can’t take the heat…

Ginger Booster


CPRESS – where taste is everything!

We're dedicated to bringing you the best tasting drinks on the market, and we believe that all of our products speak for themselves.

All of the ingredients in our products are 100% natural and organic, so you can rest assured that not only are they bursting with flavor, but they're also doing your body some serious good.

If you would like to find out more about our range of products, then visit our website.


This article was contributed by Sarra Turki

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