Organic Advantage

CPRESS brings premium quality 100% ORGANIC products to you. Thanks to close relationships with suppliers who share the same passion for ORGANIC we ensure  all required boxes for quality and sustainability of any raw produce that makes it to CPRESS kitchen are checked.

For us as a business, this often means challenges when products are out of season, but at the same time, it gives room for creativity and innovation and allows us to provide you with products that are richer in nutrients, tasty and never boring.

As ORGANIC produce is often season sensitive, you are sure to be getting what is in sync with nature. The fragility of ORGANICS, often due to the lack of use of harmful pesticides and herbicides in production, also means that only the freshest produce will make it to you on daily basis. 

Going ORGANIC represents standing up for our environment. ORGANIC produce is often sourced locally without the use of excessive transportation and directly contributes to reduction of pollutant levels.