Organic Sourcing

From farm to bottle, every aspect of what we do is driven by a set of values, shared by our suppliers and we hope, our customers too. Making exceptional juice is a combination of multiple factors, from our own passion for the industry we serve, to the ingredients that we source, to the processes that we use, to the nutritional properties and synergy of those ingredients, complementing one another and bursting with flavour in each bottle of our premium juice. That's why CPRESS sources direct from farmers and growers, where possible, cutting out intermediaries and ensuring our supply chain has done as much due diligence as we have. During the British season we have intimate relationships with multiple award-winning local growers in the UK and out of season we turn to ethical and sustainable growers from around the world, who we can rely upon to supply the best quality organic ingredients. You could say we know our onions. Or more precisely the produce that we use, where it comes from, how it's grown, seasonal fluctuations, market conditions and importantly consumer trends. From the orchards of Cranbrook where we source British apples, to the warmer climes of Sicily and The Amalfi Coast where our lemons are grown, to Yaxley in Peterborough where we source the finest quality British carrots. Organic is central to everything we do. Since 2014 we have been Soil Association certified and that means that CPRESS along with each supplier that we work with, must adhere to the highest possible industry standards, so that we can underwrite the value of each of our products from farm to bottle